Nintendo States that It Will Improve Their Online Service

Anyone who’s had to use Nintendo Online over the past couple of years will no doubt tell you that $20 a year almost seems like too much considering how rudimentary the service actually is. The cloud saving and “free” NES/SNES games are nice and all, but those aren’t the reason most Switch owners use the service.

Indeed most of us use it to play the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Party and Animal Crossing online, and that’s never as easy as it should be thanks to what feels like shoddy online infrastructure. This is probably why many fans were so up in arms over the “Expansion Pack”; it’s an extra $30 a year for a pittance of games one can play any number of other ways and with no proposed improvement to the service itself. However, that part may at least change.

As reported by, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa made some interesting comments about Nintendo Switch Online during a financial results briefing earlier this week. Apparently the service now has around 32 million subscribers and that that number is still expected to increase. He also stated that the company intends to continue improving the service in order to satisfy users. Whether that means actual infrastructure improvements or just adding more games is not clear yet, but we can now at least hope that online gaming on Switch will be less frustrating and laggy in the future.

How do you feel about Nintendo Switch Online? What do you want to see them add or improve?

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