Castlevania is Back…on Smartphones

Konami has decided to take a break from making pachinko and slot machines to bring Castlevania fans a new entry in the series: Castlevania -Grimoire of Souls-. It’ll only be available on iOS devices via Apple Arcade at first, though hopefully Android-based fans will have a chance to try it out eventually too. As for details, Konami hasn’t offered much so far.

Castlevania -Grimoire of Souls- will apparently follow the example set by the games seen on devices like the DS and 3DS. That is, it’ll be an action sidescroller featuring multiple playable characters. Story details are basically non-existent at this point, but it appears that there will be some sort of crossover angle to it, since the character roster draws from many previous games in the series. Playable characters include Simon (from Castlevania 1), Alucard (from Symphony of the Night), Maria Renard (from Rondo of Blood), Charlotte Aulin (from Portrait of Ruin), Shanoa (from Order of Ecclesia) and new character Genya Arikado (a version of Alucard). Seeing just how all these hunters come together should be interesting at least.

Other than that, we know that Castlevania -Grimoire of Souls- will include at least 60 levels to play through with each one having a hunter that’s best suited for it. Players will be able to to use any character they want on each level, but that might not always be the best idea. No release date has been announced yet, but it’s likely that it’ll arrive on iOS devices before the year is out.

Are you a Castlevania fan? Will you be trying this game out? What do you think of Konami as a games publisher?

Lede image from the Castlevania -Grimoire of Souls- website

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