Castlevania is Back…on Smartphones

Konami has decided to take a break from making pachinko and slot machines to bring Castlevania fans a new entry in the series: Castlevania -Grimoire of Souls-. It’ll only be available on iOS devices via Apple Arcade at first, though hopefully Android-based fans will have a chance to try it out eventually too. As for…

I Ain’t Afraid of No AR Ghosts!

This past weekend, Sony announced their brand new venture into the world of augmented reality (AR) games: Ghostbusters World. As far as comparisons go, think of a mobile game like Pokémon Go! but with proton packs and ghosts rather than pokeballs and Pokémon.

A Trial Run of Pokémon Go

I never intended to play Pokémon Go. Up until this past weekend, I was more than content to follow its comings and goings online, in social media, and on the nightly news. I was impressed by mainstream cult that quickly formed around the game, and I was amazed at its immediate rise in popularity, and…

5 Point and Click games on mobile

Due to the popularity of apps on your mobile device point and click games have seen a resurgence. These games are easily developed for a mobile device since almost all of them are tough screens now. Since point and click games are easier to use on a touchscreen device it only makes sense that many would be developed exclusively for mobile. Some of these games have full, compelling episodic stories while others are simple dynamic level games.

Top 5 Vintage Games on Mobile

Top 5 Vintage RPGS on mobile –   Mobile games are shaping the world of gaming for the better. Although, many of the games are simple and endless, they are introducing the world of gaming to people that don’t normally game. With this in mind these same mobile games can leave an avid gamer feeling…

Wasting Time with Purpose

When Angry Birds first appeared, I soared with the best of them. When Candy Crush Saga crushed the competition, I gladly got under the steamroller. When The Simpsons Tapped Out infiltrated my screens, I tapped, tapped, and tapped some more. I sliced things up in Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, ran for my life…

Today in Gaming History: 11/8/13

November 8, 2012: Angry Birds gets the Star Wars treatment  Today marks the one-year anniversary of Angry Birds Star Wars, which was first launched on Windows, iOS, and Android.  Angry Birds Star Wars is the second crossover game for the franchise, the first being Angry Birds Rio, which is based on the Fox animated film Rio.