5 Point and Click games on mobile

Recently, I wrote about the mainstream return of point and click games. Due to the popularity of apps on your mobile device point and click games have seen a resurgence. These games are easily developed for a mobile device since almost all of them are touch screens now. Since point and click games are easier to use on a touchscreen device it only makes sense that many would be developed exclusively for mobile. Some of these games have full, compelling episodic stories while others are simple dynamic level games.

I’ve compiled a list for you to check out of some of the point and click games on mobile devices. Let me know if a game you like did make my list! The majority of these games are rated for teen and up.

  1. Tiny Thief by Rovio – Free
Screenshot by Dina Farmer
Screenshot by Dina Farmer

You read that right! By the same people who made Angry Birds, Rovio brings a fun little game to mobile devices. This game is something I’m quick to bring up on my son’s tablet or my phone. Not only is it not overly complicated preschoolers can figure it out in no time. I have to help my son with some of the stages but for the most part, he doesn’t need my help completing a stage. This game is as basic as it gets. You tap where you want the thief to go and select objects to interact with. The point of the game is to pass stages without being seen by the various knights and pirates you are stealing from. There is one ultimate objective per stage, which will garner you a one-star rating and allows you to advance on to the next stage. However, there are several mini objectives to get a three-star rating.

A witty and charming game you play as the Tiny Thief in a world filled with corruption and greed, you steal from the rich and move on to the next stage. Filled with challenging puzzles, charming and humorous animations and tons of hidden surprised them the game is sure to thrill…or keep you and your little one busy for a few hours. Note for parents, this game contains many ads like all Rovio games. That means tiny fingers have a habit of clicking on in-game purchases or navigating from the game directly to social media sites. Proceed with due diligence.

  1. Broken Age by Double Fine Productions – $4.99
Screenshot by Dina Farmer
Screenshot by Dina Farmer

This game has an all-star cast, Elijah Wood, Masasa Moyo, Jack Black, and Jennifer Hale to name a few. Hand-drawn characters drive this point and click game. Developed for the PC and then ported over to mobile devices you will dive head first into two different worlds. You can switch between the two protagonists as they solve puzzles and navigate through their world. Broken Age is completely driven by puzzle solving in order to progress through the game.
Funded via crowd funding this game and breaking a record of the fastest game to be funded you are sure to encounter a coming of age story about a boy and girl. Silly antics ensue and are sure to keep you coming back for more puzzles. There is no free version of the game but it is appropriate for all ages. Thankfully since it is paid there are no worries about ads popping up.

  1. Kaptain Browe by G5 Entertainment – Free
Screenshot by Dina Farmer
Screenshot by Dina Farmer

A comedy point and click game by G5 that tasks players to solve puzzles and unravel a space conspiracy. Players are challenged by two difficulty modes and solve crimes across four different planets. It relies on the cartoon-animated style of older point and click games and infuses tons of humor. You are able to play three different characters to solve different parts of the story. The first four worlds are free and then as you delve deep into the story you’ll run into some good old microtransactions. I honestly only played to the point I needed to pay and then quit the game. It is fun for what it is worth.

You play Kaptain Browe as he solves crime as a space police officer. The player will be introduced to colorful worlds and well attempting to save two kidnapped scientists. It is appropriate for everyone, however, there are no voice-overs; it is still a fun game.

  1. Whispered Legends – Tales of Middleport by Gogii – Free
Screenshot by Dina Farmer
Screenshot by Dina Farmer

Developed by Gogii the player is sent to a the town of Middleport where residents are mysteriously disappearing. It is up to you to save them of course. Provided with four levels of difficulty, casual, medium, difficult and question mark, the player advances through the story solving puzzles, challenges and click and find. Hints are provided in the game but not enough to give away the entire puzzle. The game is relatively short but a great way to spend a few hours.

You play an inspector from “The Royal Society of Skeptics” to investigate rumors about dark magic in Middleport. The residents of Middleport are disappearing at an alarming rate and reports of monsters and possessed items. This is a complete game, no worrying about additional content or purchases.

  1. EZ PZ RPG by Reality Squared Games – Free
Screenshot by Dina Farmer
Screenshot by Dina Farmer

This might be the silliest, laziest game I’ve ever played. You don’t need to login to the game to play it, it plays for you while you are away. The PC will battle monsters, earn experience points and dungeon crawl without you there. You can give your characters new weapons and armor to help them fight stronger monsters and earn strength to take on arena style battles with friends. There is not story what-so-ever you just play a point and click arena-RPG element-ish-hack and slash-clicker game. It’s fun to waste a few minutes of your day.

There are just games on mobile devices and some of a few funny ones. My favorite is Tiny Thief, I’m sure I could play that four hours. Do you have a point and click game you enjoy on mobile devices?

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