Unforgettable: The Interactive Intro of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

When I first started playing video games in earnest, words like “Atari” and “arcade” were commonplace. “Nintendo” and “Mario” soon followed, and with them came a chasm-like leap in video game technology. After spending countless hours with relatively simple (but not simplistic) games like Pole Position and Defender, I was utterly wowed by what would…

5 Point and Click games on mobile

Due to the popularity of apps on your mobile device point and click games have seen a resurgence. These games are easily developed for a mobile device since almost all of them are tough screens now. Since point and click games are easier to use on a touchscreen device it only makes sense that many would be developed exclusively for mobile. Some of these games have full, compelling episodic stories while others are simple dynamic level games.