What I Hope to See at E3 2021

With the heralded return of E3 just hours away, I figured I would throw my proverbial “wishlist” hat into the ring, because why not? Though the event won’t be as traditional as it once was (and will probably never be again), and though my own gaming inclinations of the past year have lain firmly on the side of known entities, I’m nonetheless excited at the prospect of ruffling my own feathers. Replaying games is fun and all, but that moment of “maybe I should try something different” hangs heavy. In the end, I suppose that my future with games will be a mix of old and new, even if the “new” things never quite comes to pass. Having E3 back to help fuel a bit of want and dreaming is a good thing, regardless of whether or not my own hopes for it are fulfilled.

Hope #1 – Anything Dragon Age 4

Is BioWare going to even be at E3, let alone highlight my most-anticipated game presently? I don’t know, but it would certainly be awesome to learn something, heck anything more about the next installment of Dragon Age. BioWare’s already confirmed that it is, in fact, a thing that will happen, so why not give us a few morsels more about it?  Why not, Bioware, why not??

Hope #2 – Something Indiana Jones?

Earlier this year, LucasFilm Games, in concert with Bethesda, teased the return of Indiana Jones to game-dom. Nothing more has been said since, but E3 would be a delightful time for that to be rectified, no? Even though I have a mixed history with Indiana Jones in video games (Fate of Atlantis was great; Staff of Kings not so much; LEGO Indy was AWESOME), I’m very excited to see what comes of this tease.

Hope 3# – More about Stray

Remember Stray? That Annapurna Interactive game with a backpack-wearing kitty who’s lost in a city of robots that was announced exactly a year ago? I certainly do. And with something of a promise that the game will be released this year, I would very much like to know when exactly I can give that lost, lonely kitty a good home.

Hope #4 – Let’s see some Fable 4

Fable 4’s tongue-in-cheek (or frog) trailer has been fun to watch for a year now, but much like with the fourth installment of another fantasy adventure RPG that goes by the name “Dragon Age,” E3 would be just the best time for Playground Games to reveal more about it. Will I get to toy with villagers’ feelings, talk to cheeky doors that are hiding secrets, and burp in the faces of kings and queens? These are things I must know!

Hope #5 – The Starfield reveal provides more than less

I suppose that many folks who tune into the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase during E3 will hope to learn more about the company’s new interstellar adventure, Starfield, and I’ll be right there with them. Since a reveal seems plausible, the looming question is just how much will be revealed? If we get more than less, Bethsda will get a big ol’ raspberry from me.

Hope #5 ½ – Might as well throw in some Fallout 76 news, too

Even though Fallout 76 has a new roadmap for the year, the game has fallen out of my rotation. Its recent feature updates have not been enough to lure me back into Appalachia; I simply want more actual gameplay content. More with the Brotherhood of Steel, as they’ve said is coming. More with the Wastelanders. Anything about the Enclave beyond the nukes! Bethesda, if you give me return to return to West Virginia during E3, I promise I will listen.

Hope #6 – Something cool from Rockstar that’s not GTA

Rockstar won’t be at E3, but its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, will be so…what are the chances we could see something via TTI about an upcoming Rockstar project that isn’t related to GTA? Slim to none, I know. But…it’s not impossible, right? I mean, looks, I’d like to know more about GTA 6 as much as the next GTA player, but that’s literally not in the cards. Unless…it is? Frankly, anything from Rockstar would be a welcome surprise, but anything from Rockstar that has nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto… that would be an E3 surprise second to none.

(The following is NOT REAL, but it is fun.)

What are some of the games and/or game announcements you hope to see during this year’s E3?

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