Cat Quest: Demo Review

G’day, folks, in recent times, I have taken to downloading free demos as a means to experience a greater variety of games without having to pay for something I may not end up liking.  (Y’know, the very reason demos exist.)  Being someone who adores animals, especially those of the feline variety, it was no wonder that Cat Quest was my first choice, a bright and colorful RPG starring, well, little cartoon cats.  Please note that this review is based on my experience with the demo only and not the full game.

This game takes place in the fantasy world of Felingard.  Your sister has been kidnapped by the evil kitty Drakoth, and it’s up to you to save her.  (I know, not a super inspired story.)  From the very start, I was struck with how adorable the game looked, with bright and colorful graphics and cute artwork.  Gameplay is pretty simple, and it involves slashing enemies with your sword and using magic.  The demo granted me with a fire attack, which could be upgraded if I had been so inclined to earn enough money.  Enemies are fought in real-time combat, and there were several caves I could enter for loot, but only one was possible (or should I saw “pawsible”) at my current skill level.

Now, a demo is supposed to give you a taste of the whole game, and I feel like, though Cat Quest seemed really cute and addicting on the surface, my impression is that it could be a fairly easy, shallow experience.  In fact, this feels more like a mobile game than something I’d want to play on a console.  And from what I’ve read online, this seems to be the case.  Many people say the game is fun, but they do confirm that it is simple and quite short, with completion times ranging from 6-10 hours.  People also cite the story as lazy and call the gameplay repetitive after the first half hour.

In summary, though Cat Quest may be cute, I have doubts there’s much substance beyond that to keep one entertained, especially for $12.99.  Perhaps you might enjoy this game if you want a light and easy RPG experience that doesn’t take much of your time, though if you are indeed looking for an RPG that isn’t a huge commitment, I’d much sooner recommend Child of Light, which is roughly 12-15 hours long, has a really unique combat system and a great fantasy story, and is just $2 more at $14.99!  Sorry, Cat Quest, but I’m definitely going to pass on this one.

Video from Youtube User: Virtual Bastion

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