Cheeky Charlatans: Sera

In Dragon Age: Inquisition’s DLC, Trespasser, provided she and your inquisitor are friends, there is a scene that defines the elven rogue Sera more than any other. Upon the two meeting on the eve of the Exalted Council – something of a United Nations, but much smaller and more religious — Sera invites the inquisitor to a classic game of “throw pies in the faces of nobles.” Though it’s revealed in the main game that she has a big heart and cares for the downtrodden, Sera delights in being a troublemaker, mostly for the rich and powerful; a cheeky charlatan she is nonetheless.

This isn’t to say that Sera’s fake. Indeed, she may be the most grounded of all DAI’s cast, but her methods certainly fall within the “Robin Hood” range, as she is all for stealing from the rich to give to the poor. She’s even part of a band of “merry men” and women called The Friends of Red Jenny, through which she maneuvers to meet the inquisitor on the first place.

And she means business.

Given that Sera, a loner, a rebel, and an elf without much connection to anything elven, works as a thief in the shadows, what suddenly made her want to see the light of the world with the inquisitor? For one, at the time of their meeting, she’s stuck in the very wealthy Orlesian city of Val Royeaux, which is about the last place in the world she wanted to end up, what with all its snide and sniffing nobility. (She can only release upon them so many bee-filled grenades before the practice gets old, after all.) But more importantly, even she can’t ignore any longer recent events – the Breach in the sky releasing demons of all sorts, and big bad Corypheus threatening everyone and everything. The folks taking the brunt of all the hardship are those who can’t afford the “safety” of rich, walled cities. And so, Sera steps in to help.

A rare pensive moment. Most of the time she’s either sneering or snorting.

While Sera is certainly sneaky and cheeky, as I said, she’s not fake, but she does wear a mask of overt self -confidence. She’s very slow to trust, and because she doesn’t connect with her elven roots, any conversations about that will lead to very sour grapes. In my few playthroughs of DAI, I’ve never managed to fully win Sera’s approval – I have a soft spot for mages, and she hates all things mage-y – but as I understand it, if Sera does come to enjoy the inquisitor’s company enough, she will open up about her past. Yes, even the most rock-solid of charlatans will crack, just a little, when compassion is shown. In the end, she’s a hilarious companion (with some of the best side dialogue in the game), and a capable fighter, but it’s best not to turn your back on her completely. No matter the situation, Sera always keep a few tricks, and pies, up her sleeve.

There are always more pies that need throwing!

All in-line images were taken from Dragon Age: Inquisition (© BioWare).

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