Coming Soon: Celebrating Cheeky Charlatans!

With the jolly month of April on the horizon, we here at Virtual Bastion are revisiting one of our favorite yearly themes: April Fool’s! Not literally, of course, because we’re not fooling around with our chosen subject. This year we’re going to be profiling our favorite (or “favorite,” as the case may be) “Cheeky Charlatans” — jokers, tricksters, pranksters, and folks otherwise devoted to merriment in games. These are the characters that make us laugh, cry with laughter, and sometimes just cry if we’re gullible enough to fall for their foolishness. Some of them might simply be called jesters, with the sole purpose of infusing humor into a game’s fabric. Some of them might have hidden agendas that play into a game’s twists and turns. Some of them relish in impudence and provide plenty of sass. And some of them are just plain ol’ sneaky thieves who are up to no good, but in a good way.

So with plenty of fanfare and huzzahs, we formally invite you to our month-long celebration of “Cheeky Charlatans.” Starting on April Fool’s Day itself, we will share and take delight in some of gaming’s most memorable fools. Each week is bound to be sillier than the last, as we serve up a little absurdity and poke a wee bit of fun at some of gaming’s most memorable comedians…or those who might fancy themselves as such. We hope you’ll laugh along with (and maybe at) us and follow our #cheekycharlatans posts all month long. Hilarity is bound to ensue!

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    While this post is prefaced “coming soon,” Virtual Bastion’s April (Fool’s) celebration of #cheekycharlatans is happening right now! Don’t delay; head on over today!


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