Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PS5 Features Look Pretty Awesome

A little while ago, Square Enix announced a new, enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII Remake would be coming to the PS5. This new version, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergade (ugh…) would feature a suite of visual enhancements, new features and a new side story featuring Yuffie. Well, today fans can see it all in action thanks to the game’s most recent trailer.

Video from YouTube channel: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (seriously, what’s up with these annoyingly long titles?!) will have an improved overall framerate of 60fps, enhanced resolution, better textures and new lighting/fog effects. New “performance” and “visuals” modes will enable players to choose which thing the game favors while running: FPS or high-definition. There’s also a photo mode with all the usual trimmings, a new “Normal (Classic)” mode for people who want to play it old-school without giving up all challenge. Oh yeah, and Yuffie is still in there somewhere too, I guess.

This is going to be available as a free upgrade on the PS5 for anyone who purchased the original PS4 version. I do mean “purchased” too; those who download the game for free via PS Plus will not be able to get the upgrade for free. It’s a little annoying I suppose, but that’s how these services work I guess. The new version is out June 10th, so you’ve got time to decide if you really want it or not.

What do you think of this newly-upgraded game? Think you’ll check it out right away or do think this more of a “wait for the sale” kind of situation?

image from Amazon Store listing