Resident Evil 7 HAS UNLOCKABLES!!

I recently finished my first playthrough of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and I have to say that I kinda wish I hadn’t sat on it for so long. Its savory combination of tension, puzzles and exploration wound up being something I’d been looking for for quite awhile now, and it took actually finding it to understand what it was I’d been looking for. In other words: the game is fantastic and I was thoroughly surprised. I knew the game was good, but wow. I mean, it even has unlockables!

I probably shouldn’t be so shocked to find unlockable content in a major game release, but then unlockables have become increasingly rare over the course of this past generation. It’s to the point where I can hardly remember the last time I actually saw unlockable content that wasn’t part of a loot box system or cosmetic store. If A Hat in Time counts, perhaps that was the last one. Before that…I dunno…the Ratchet and Clank remake perhaps? It’s been a while.

In the case of Resident Evil 7, there are a couple kinds of unlockables. Some are available mid-playthrough in exchange for the “antique coin” items. Others only show up after the credits roll. After beating the game on normal (or lower), I got the “Albert-01R” pistol.

It’s basically an upgraded pistol that can potentially hit as hard as the .44 Magnum. Additional unlocks include “Madhouse Difficulty,” Secrets/Art of defense, infinite ammo, the Circular Saw, the “Walking Shoes,” and the “X-Ray Glasses. Each of these has its own associated challenge too, so there are plenty of reasons to back through again and change up one’s playstyle.

I love the fact that all of these are just a part of the base game instead of being offered as DLC. Other companies would’ve carved-off every little bit they could so as to get a few more dollars out of their customers, but Capcom opted not to do that this time. It’s odd since Capcom aren’t 100% above that sort of thing. Just look at the most recent Street Fighter and consider how long it too to get into a good place.

Yeah, not much more to say about this one except: “good work Capcom!” Here’s hoping that they’ll keep the trend going with Resident Evil 8: Village!

How do you feel about unlockables? What are some of your favorites?

Led image captured from official announcement trailer