BioWare Announces Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After years of rumors and fan requests, BioWare has finally announced a remastered version of the Mass Effect series. It’s not the full remake some were hoping for, but it is at least sounding like it’ll be a decent remaster, at least if current BioWare is up for the challenge.

Video from YouTube channel: Mass Effect

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include remastered versions of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 along with all the DLC and promotional add-ons associated with each. So, fans that bought the game through one retailer or who didn’t have other games like Dragon Age: Origins will be able to enjoy all the other little pieces of content that had been parceled out to all the various retailers and platforms. BioWare is also promising that all three games will run at resolutions up to 4K, but they’ve made no framerate promises yet. It’s likely that we’ll see 60fps at lower resolutions, but who knows.

It’ll definitely be nice to play the games all together on the current platforms, but it’s coming awfully late in these systems’ life cycles. I’m kinda thinking that they might as well have waited and released this for the next generation since both systems officially launch this month.

Are you excited for a Mass Effect remaster? Think this is coming too late, or just in time?

Lede image is official promotional art.

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  1. cary says:

    Personally, I’m REALLY excited for this. Sure, I could pop the ol’ Xbox 360 trilogy into the Xbox One at any time, but I’ve never had or played any ME DLC. That plus having the games in remastered quality is a big win. 🙂

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