Uncanny Accounts: Undertale’s True Lab

One of my favorite games of all time is home to some surprisingly dark lore, including a mystery that remains unsolved to this very day.  I am talking about Undertale, folks, specifically the True Lab (which I talked about in this here Resonance post).  I would like to warn you about spoilers for the game’s True Pacifist Route, as this is the only means by which you can access the creepiest, and most lore-heavy, location of the game.

Home to Dr. Alphys’ darkest and most secret experiments, this haunting place is home to the horrifying abominations called the Amalgamates, which are monsters that have actually melted together!  Apparently, monsters’ bodies are less solid than that of humans, and in an effort to destroy the barrier keeping everyone trapped underground, Dr. Alphys injected monsters who were on the verge of death with determination, a substance extracted from the souls harvested from human children who had fallen underground, only to meet their untimely end at the hands of King Asgore.  This seemed to succeed in reviving said monsters, at first, until the sheer strength of determination proved to be too much for the monsters’ fragile bodies to handle, causing them to melt and merge together!  It’s no wonder, then, that Alphys became quite depressed over her failure and fears ever having to reveal the truth of what she had done to the monsters’ families.  Now that’s some dark stuff!

To make matters worse, Alphys also attempted injecting determination into something that was neither human nor monster, a golden flower from Asgore’s garden.  This is what led to the creation of Flowey, who turns out to be what remains of Asgore’s son, Asriel, who had died in that very same garden.  Flowey is an evil character and one who garners very little sympathy from me.  Nevertheless, it is a bit horrifying to think of life from his perspective, having no soul with which to feel anything, including empathy, leading to his desire to destroy just for the sake of it, if only in an attempt to feel anything at all.  And to think, back when Asriel was still alive, he was known for his kindness and innocence, but having no soul was enough to turn him into an irredeemable monster!

Last off, we have the mystery of W. D. Gaster, which has yet to be solved to this day, but which spawned countless theories as to his identity.  Most information on him is actually not even found in the True Lab, though the True Lab is indeed the location of a secret lab entry written in Wing Dings (more than likely the meaning behind the W. D. part of his name).  I’m not going to type the entire thing, but it translates to something along the lines of: “Dark, darker, yet darker.  This next experiment seems very very interesting.  What do you two think?”  Unfortunately, this lab entry, along with pretty much everything else about Gaster, can only really be accessed by people who know how to manipulate the game’s code, which can spawn multiple rare encounters, such as Gaster’s followers, one of which is a monster kid who talks about a timeline in which one was never born, a mysterious figure behind a door who might just be Gaster himself, and a phone call asking for someone who’s name starts with a “G”.  Could just be Gerson, but who knows…  And that doesn’t even scratch the surface concerning Sans’ possible relation to Gaster…

But I digress.  For a game about showing mercy to your enemies instead of outright killing them, Undertale is a pretty dark game once you dig just below the surface.  While a good deal of the lore surrounding the True Lab is indeed outright creepy, I can’t help but feel like a proper unsolved mystery is probably the scariest thing of all….