Cyberpunk Still Looks Awesome in New Trailer

Ever since its announcement a couple of years ago, the hype train for Cyberpunk 2077 has steadily been gaining momentum and the latest trailer hasn’t done anything to slow it down. In fact, this trailer combined with the 25 SOLID MINUTES of b-roll footage have probably ratcheted up the train’s speed even more.

Video from YouTube channel: Cyberpunk 2077

Now, there isn’t a ton here in terms of hard gameplay, but that’s still okay at the moment. Cyberpunk 2077 is still several months away, so building atmosphere and story anticipation is still fun. However, I’m hoping to see more actual footage as we get closer to release. All that said, what’s this trailer all about?

Well, it looks like it’s meant to be a chronicle of the events leading to the player character’s initial rise to the “major leagues” in Night City. CD Projekt Red has said players will get a lot of influence over how things play out, so not everyone’s version of events will look the same. However, it looks like this version of the character was a “when in doubt, start shooting” kind of dude. Will it all be worth it in the end? Maybe. Maybe not. It should be a wild ride either way though, eh?

Are you still psyched for Cyberpunk 2077? If so, what kind of game will you play?

Lede image from Cyberpunk 2077 flickr


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