Gaming impressions from the PS5 Livestream Event

A week ago, we FINALLY saw it — the PlayStation 5. Two versions of it, in fact. One for physical media, the other, digital only.

In addition, Sony’s livestream event revealed keys bits of information (the consoles is still coming out this year), and showed us a good deal of upcoming games footage. I came away from the event feeling mostly excited. Even though I’m fairly certain that adding a day-one PS5 to our household isn’t very likely, some of the reveals were enough to keep me onboard the Sony train (the PS4 has been my preferred console of late) for a little while longer. What follows are a few of the game announcements from the event that wowed me the most, and the least. But mostly, the most.

I was most surprised AND disappointed by…
Grand Theft Auto in the next gen

If there was one thing I was hoping to see at the event, it was something, anything about Grand Theft Auto VI. Instead, Rockstar revealed that GTAV isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s releasing an “enhanced” version of GTAV for next gen, and further, PS5 owners will receive access to a standalone version of GTA Online for free for three months. Well, okay. I certainly get that there’s every reason for Rockstar to continue to support the money-making juggernaut that is GTAV, but having even the smallest glimpse into whatever is next for the series sure would have been nice.

On the flip side, it was also revealed that current GTAO players will receive extra in-game cash (one million GTA dollars) for every month they play up to the PS5’s release. For myself, that incentive is enough to keep me invested. So bravo, Rockstar.

Video from YouTube user IGN (Warning: may contain strong language)

I’m most hype for…
Horizon: Forbidden West

I’ll have more to say about Horizon: Zero Dawn in the coming months, as I recently and finally played through it, so suffice to say, I cannot wait for its sequel! The time I spent with Aloy was rewarding, heart-pounding, and heartfelt. I’m looking forward to returning to once again help her save her world.

Video from YouTube User PlayStation

I’m cautiously optimistic about…

The folks who created DisHonored, one of the most fun and frustating games I’ve ever played, have returned with an intriguing-looking game about two assassins stuck in some sort of time loop. (Think Groundhog Day, only with fewer groundhogs and more mayhem.) It’s graphics are quite eye-catching, and I’m very interested in the two assassins. But it strikes me as the kind of game that I am, personally, best waiting on until I see more.

Video from YouTube user IGN (Warning: may contain strong language)

I was super impressed by…
Gran Turismo 7

I mean, if racing games got any more realistic, we’d hardly be able to call them games anymore! I’m not as into racing games as I once way, but Gran Turismo 7‘s reveal made me stand up and take notice.

Video from YouTube user PlayStation

My heart grew three sizes for…
Oddworld Soulstorm and Stray

As an Oddworld fan from back in the day, I’m always happy to see the return of Abe and is very odd world. He looks great (err, as great as he can) in next gen graphics, and I look forward to seeing what great tasks he’ll take on in this new story. And as for Stray, one, I will never argue with a game that has as its protagonist a cat with a backpack. And two, I’m thoroughly intrigued by how said cat with a backpack has survived in its strange robot-filled world. I’m sure a grand cat-with-a-backpack story awaits.

Video from YouTube user PlayStation
Video from YouTube user PlayStation

If you tuned in, what announcements from the PS5 livestream event caught your eye the most?

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