Bungie Reveals What’s Next for Destiny 2!

Recently, I made a post talking about what were basically the glory days of Destiny as I see them. For me, Destiny’s best days have been in the past with Destiny 1. I’ve often been excited about Destiny 2 and expansions like Forsaken, but I’ve never been able to make an investment similar to that of Destiny 1. Destiny 2 just doesn’t have that same spark. Even so, there’s cool stuff happening with the game.

Video from Youtube channel: destinygame

Today, Bungie announced what’s next for Destiny 2, and it’s actually a lot more than expected. Yes, there’s a new season of content starting today, and yes there’s a new expansion coming in the fall. However, there’s also expansions planned for next year and 2022! Destiny 2 is here for the long haul apparently, as evidenced by the announcement of ports for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Current owners of the games will get the upgraded versions for free too!

So what all is coming this year? First, there’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Guardians will have a major location to explore in the form of Jupiter’s frozen moon of Europa. A new raid will be available on Europa, giving players the chance to finally explore the Deep Stone Crypt and possibly discover the origin of the Exo at last. Guardians will also have the chance to dabble in The Darkness too by channeling a new element: Stasis. This new power will manifest differently in each guardian class and result in several exciting new Supers and powers, but one cannot help but wonder how a guardian of Light can wield a power born of the Dark.

As for the new season of content, the Season of Arrivals, players have a few new things to enjoy. There’s new loot of course; plenty of new weapons and armor to chase. Aside from that, a new “Engram Focusing” system will enable players to exert more control over their rewards, and they’ll be able to use those gains in a new public event located under the Pyramid Ship parked above the surface of Io. There’s a new dungeon to explore too.

There’s a lot of good things happening with Destiny 2 right now. I wonder if it might be time to give it another chance…

Are you psyched for Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Have you been playing Destiny 2 consistently over the past couple of years, or have you lapsed too?

Lede image from Destiny 2: Beyond Light reveal trailer