realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Now Available for Switch Owners

If, as a Nintendo owner, you ever wanted to get your hands on the classic PC puzzle game, Myst, then today’s your day! (Well, okay, maybe you played its original port to the DS or 3DS way back when, but still.) Though it’s pre-orders have been up for about a week, today, Nintendo Switch fans can purchase (at a nice discount) realMyst: Masterpiece Edition. This enhanced version of Myst was first released in 2014 in celebration of the game’s 20th anniversary. Five year laters, and the game can now be enjoyed by Switch owners everywhere.

When Myst first came out, I remember it as one of those games that seemed out of reach to those of us with middling home PCs. But once I saw that a friend had gotten it up and running on one of our school’s slightly-better-than-middling PCs, I asked to borrow the disc to see if my own big, beige IBM monster could show me the wonders of Myst. It worked…sort of. While I was able to load the game, it ran…let’s just say, hesitantly. It wasn’t until several years later that I truly dived into the world of Myst thanks to the PS2 release of Myst III: Revelation. Challenging, enjoyable, and very, very pretty, it was hard to argue with the mysterious and gorgeous universe of puzzles that was Myst. I must admit that even with the veritable cornucopia of amazing puzzle games that rest in the hands of game players today, there’s nothing quite like Myst.

Times being what they are, if you’re looking to add an unmissable, unique, and ambitious game to your Switch library, you can’t go wrong with picking up this new version of Myst – realMyst: Masterpiece Edition. I, for one, already have it in my cart.

Lede image and screenshots © Cyan Worlds, captured from Nintendo eShop listing.

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