Trials of Osiris Returns in Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy

They finally did it. After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Bungie is finally bringing Trials of Osiris back to Destiny. I don’t really get why it took so incredibly long for them to implement it since it only took four months for the mode’s original iteration to show up in Destiny 1 but whatever. It’s finally back and it looks like it’s bringing some classic stuff back with it!

Video from YouTube channel: PlayStation

Yeah there’s more going on in the Season of the Worthy than just Trials of Osiris. The Cabal are up to no good again and have set their star-siphoning super-weapon, “The Almighty,” on a crash-course towards Earth. Rasputin the Warmind is the planet’s only chance of salvation now and it’s up to us guardians to forge an alliance with it and help it get battle ready. Another day, another world-ending crisis, eh? It’s exciting and all but Trials of Osiris is where the party is going to be.

I’m not even playing Destiny 2 anymore and I can’t help but feel kinda psyched for this. With so much time in the cooker, one would think that Bungie is bringing the mode back in tip-top shape, with a decent attempt at balance and worthy prizes on the line. Is that confirmed? No, but one can hope, right? At the very least fans are getting some snazzed-up classic armors, weapons (is that the 4th Horseman I just saw?) and Destiny one maps like The Cauldron and Exodus Blue back. I’ve been out of the game too long to play it myself, but it should make for some fun viewing on YouTube and the like, don’t you think?

Are you looking forward to jumping back into Trails? What about the rest of the content coming in Season of the Worthy?

Lede image from Bungie Blog