Cross-play Has Finally Come Minecraft on PS4

As reluctant as they were to allow it, it looks like Sony is being true to their word in regard to allowing cross-play on their platform. The next wave of cross-play-enabled games is coming, and the first among them is Minecraft! The Bedrock version of the game has finally hit PlayStation 4, and it’s about time!

The Bedrock Version of Minecraft has finally landed, and it does exactly what one would expect. It allows fans across all three major consoles to play together, and it grants PS4 players access to the Minecraft Marketplace (home of skins, texture packs, mods and so on). If you have it and haven’t updated yet, don’t worry it’s free of charge and totally optional. You can even port your old worlds into the new version. The walls are down fellow crafters; left’s get buildin’!

Are you psyched for Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PS4? Got any friends you’ll be able to start playing with?

Lede image from Minecraft PS4 “Better Together” trailer.