Listmas 2019: Top 6 Favorite Modes of Transportation

This week, we’re covering our favorite modes of transportation in gaming.  And when I started thinking about all the possible options for this particular list, I realized that there is truly a wide variety of ways to get around.  And they don’t all have to be vehicles, either.  And so, below are the Duck’s top 6 modes of transportation in gaming!

6: Driving a School in Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 starts off, and frequently revisits, a military training academy called Balamb Garden, the students of which are several of our main characters, including the brooding Squall Leonhart.  An extremely odd feature is the fact that, after playing sufficiently far into the game, you can actually drive the entire building around the world map!  Now that’s just…bizarre…and pretty cool, too.

5: The Philmobile in Ni no Kuni

One of the many things I loved about Ni no Kuni was the fact that this game provides the player with extra side quests even after they beat the game.  After completing extra tasks given to you by the Conductor (a rather creepy guy with a giant rabbit head), you are rewarded with the Philmobile, a vehicle that you can now drive on the world map.  It’s kind of pointless now that the game is over, but it was such a surprising reward that I can’t help but remember it fondly.

4: The Various Horses in Breath of the Wild

Since Ocarina of Time, Epona has been Link’s horse of choice.  And while Epona is a perfectly fine horse, I can’t help but favor the various horses you can tame in Breath of the Wild.  There’s just something special about riding a horse that you yourself found, tamed, and named.  It gives each horse a special story to go along with it.  Plus, this game has some really cool special horses, too, such as the Giant Horse, Zelda’s horse, the skeletal Stalhorse, and the coolest steed of all, the otherworldly Satori!

3: Riding a Mosquito in Rayman Origins

Ever wanted to ride around on a giant pink mosquito?  Well, now you can, because this super unique mode of transportation is featured in the wacky game of Rayman Origins!  This mosquito can even shoot and inhale enemies!

2: DKC’s Mine Carts

Who doesn’t love the mine cart levels in the Donkey Kong Country series?  They’re stressful.  They’re difficult.  And they’re so much fun!  Ever since I was a duckling, the mine cart levels have always been my favorite levels in the DKC games on the Super Nintendo.  Turns out they become way crazier in Returns and Tropical Freeze, for some truly zany goodness indeed!

1: Yoshi!

As I’ve already said (and has already been featured several times in this list), modes of transportation needn’t only be confined to vehicles.  They can be living creatures, too.  And my very favorite thing to ride around on is Mario’s dinosaur pal, Yoshi!  We first fell in love with Yoshi and his long tongue in Super Mario World, and he has been a fine companion to the mustached plumber ever since!

Screenshot from Flickr User: Games Weasel