Favorite Nintendo Characters: Link and Samus

As was the case with choosing my favorite Nintendo song, choosing my favorite Nintendo character is also a bit of an overwhelming feat.  With no shortage of wonderful and charming characters at my disposal, I finally decided on two characters in particular that I would call my favorite.  The first one, Link, should come as no surprise, as my last two posts focused on The Legend of Zelda series.  And the second one, who, like Link, happens to be one of my longtime Smash Bros mains, is none other than Samus Aran, the bounty hunter starring in the Metroid series.

While neither character really has any distinguishable personalities that I’m aware of, aside from being pretty awesome and heroic individuals, they are most certainly two characters I can’t help but get excited about.  Starting with Link…I almost feel like I have a personal connection with him.  In earlier Zelda games, Link was typically a child.  At the same time that I was, in fact.  Considering newer games now feature Link as a young adult, I can’t help but feel like we sort of grew up together.  And I’ve spent far too many hours adventuring with Link, in some of my favorite games of all time, to not consider him one of my favorites.  After all, the green clad hero has to be just about as iconic as Mario himself!

Samus’ games, though far different from Link’s, have a very special place in my heart, as well, particularly the original Metroid Prime.  In general, her adventures take place in far more isolated and hostile locations, and when Samus is the only sentient being for miles around, other than space pirates and the like, it’s hard not to grow fond of that tough, Varia Suit-clad bounty hunter.

Samus is just, well, she’s really cool.  Easily the coolest female character I can think of…and probably one of the coolest characters of either gender that comes to mind, as well.  She’s got various beam weapons and missiles and can do all kinds of cool things in morph ball mode…she’s a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure.  And based on various Pirate Data entries, her enemies know this, as well.  At the risk of sounding silly…I used to have dreams where I was Samus.  I don’t remember them too well, but I do believe I would explore these hostile locations and help people and was just generally super cool while doing so.  Frankly, it’s always disappointing to wake up and realize that, in truth, I’m just plain, old me, after all.

Well, that was a brief little description of my favorite Nintendo characters, both of whom I’ve had a long history with indeed.  And now it’s your turn to share, dear readers.  Feel free to let us know your favorite Nintendo characters in the comments below!

Image by Flickr user courtney johnston