Fracter is Coming to PC Soon

PC gamers are finally going to be able to get their hands on another intriguing indie puzzle game soon in the form of the Steam release of Fracter. This is game that’s already enjoying both critical and commercial success on the iOS and Android platforms, so it’s likely to fit quite well into the collections of PC-based indie game enthusiasts.

Fracter casts players as a veiled and unnamed protagonist on a journey through a world filled with shadows and dangerous creatures. This isn’t a physical place, but rather the abstract chambers of the main character’s mind. Everything they see and interact with is a representation of their splintered self, from the strange rooms to the bizarre and hostile creatures inhabiting them. The only way out is through the application of enough wit and will to overcome the mental shadows and unite the pieces into a unified whole once more. Sounds like it’ll be quite a trip, eh?

What do you think of Fracter? Will it hold up on PC or get consigned to the depths of Steam like so many others?

Lede image from Fracter Steam page

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