A Ni no Kuni Movie?

It seems like a lot of video games have been adapted into movies lately, and fortunately, this one is not live action.  That’s right, folks, they’re apparently making a Ni no Kuni movie, which is, thankfully, keeping the animated look of the games.  The only unfortunate thing…right now, there’s no word of it being released outside of Japan.

Video from Youtube User: EurogamerGermany

While I have no idea what’s being said in the trailer, it’s clear that two (out of a trio) of friends from our world are spirited away to the world of Ni no Kuni, in the same fashion as Oliver from the first game and Roland from the second.  And as far as I can tell, they meet the “soulmate” of their third friend in the other world, who appears to be a princess.

Though it is a shame that this movie is not being made by Studio Ghibli like the first game, I’m rather excited about it, nonetheless.  I mean, unless it gets released outside of Japan, we may have to settle with an English dub like the Animal Crossing movie or subtitles, but I’d just be happy to get to see it at all.  Considering Ni no Kuni’s animated look, it seemed only natural for it to finally get its own anime.  Here’s hoping that those of us outside of Japan will get to enjoy it, as well.

Image from official Ni No Kuni 2 website.