PSN Users Can Finally Change Names

Well, they did it; they finally did it.  After years and years of PlayStation users requesting the ability to change their online ID, Sony has finally figured out how to make it possible on PSN. Why it took them almost two console generations and 13 years to implement is still anybody’s guess, but the feature is finally here regardless!

Earlier today, Sony made the announcement via the official PlayStation.Blog. The post is structured as an FAQ for the most part, detailing exactly what users need to know about changing their PSN ID. One notable detail is that this change is not supported by all games in the PS4 library. Rather, only games that were published after April 1, 2018 fully support it. As Sony puts it, this is because these games were “developed with tools that support online ID change at a system level.” Everything released before that will not support the feature.

They also issue a warning for those thinking about using the feature. Apparently, changing your PSN ID can have a negative impact on some of your games. These issues can include losing trophy progress, losing access to some online content, losing save data, and even malfunctions in some games. They advise players to consult their list of tested games before deciding whether or not to make use of the ID change feature.

So…yeah, it’s still not exactly what PlayStation fans have been looking for after all. For some reason, ID information is linked much more extensively with game operation on PSN than on Xbox Live; so this might still be the best they can do until the PlayStation 5 is announced. Hopefully by then they’ll be able to support the feature in a more complete and painless way.

Are you going to use the ID change feature? Would you use it even if it didn’t carry risks?

Lede image by flickr user: Leon Terra


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