‘Persona 5 R’ Revealed to Be ‘Persona 5: The Royal’

Back in December, Atlus released a brief trailer teasing the existence of a brand new project involving Persona 5. No real information was given of course, but fans at least got the project’s code name, “Persona 5 R” to chew on until the next bit of info dropped sometime in March. Well, that time finally came last week, and we have just a little bit more to go off of now thanks to a new trailer.

(Video by YouTube channel: It Me)

Again, Atlus has been careful not reveal much of anything in this latest teaser, but we can glean a small bit of info from what was shown here. First, this could very well be the expanded version of Persona 5 that everyone is expecting, and the girl shown here is the new party member players will be able to recruit. However, there is also the possibility that Persona 5: The Royal will be a spin-off game starring this new character.

As seen in the trailer, this character likes the Phantom Thieves in theory, but disagrees with them in practice; she sees their methods as mostly ineffective, so it’s unlikely that she’ll want to work with them. At least, she wouldn’t want to at first. Then there’s the “The Royal” portion of the new title. This could very well be her tarot identity, since every important character has an associated card like “The Trickster” or “The Star.” If this is indeed the case, then it could very well come with a unique set of powers that would allow this girl to act on her own, or even gather her own group of persona users. Such would be fitting for a “royal,” wouldn’t it.

Whatever the case may be, we won’t actually know until at least April 24, which the trailer indicates as being the next time we’ll get some new info about this game. Hopefully they’ll give us something concrete next time instead of prompting more guesswork.

What do you think this all means? Are you looking forward to jumping back into the Persona 5 universe?

Lede image from official announcement trailer