Challenge Mode: Getting Excellent in KH3’s Bistro

In our Challenge Mode posts, we like to discuss a really difficult moment in gaming and how we overcame them.  Today’s newest entry is going to be for the recently released Kingdom Hearts 3, in which I recently got Platinum.  It was a particularly easy game in which to do so, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a few trophies that really frustrated me until I finally figured out how to obtain them.  Probably one of the most infuriating of these was Master Chef, in which you must get a score of Excellent in every single one of Little Chef’s recipes.

Now that I have obtained it, I have since realized that this trophy is exceedingly easy if you know exactly what to do and basically impossible if you don’t.  It wasn’t until I watched a Youtube video on the subject before I finally understood what exactly the game expected of me.  So below, my tips for each challenge.

General Tip: Equip the Gourmand Ring.  This makes getting an Excellent rating much easier.  You might even have multiple rings.  I had two.  I think I got one from the Moogle postcards and one simply as a reward for cooking recipes.

Flambe: My main issue with the flambe mini game was that I was setting the pan down too early.  What you want to do is rotate the left analog stick, then wait for those sparkles to appear.  But wait, don’t set the pan down right away.  Basically wait until the red aura is in front of Sora, then tilt the right analog stick down.  Works every time.

Salt and Pepper: Alternate by tilting down on the right and left analog sticks when the circle closes in as closely to the inner circle as possible.  Lean towards doing so early rather than too late, though, as if you do it too late, you automatically lose.

Cutting: This one is really easily.  Just cut as quickly as possible.  Cut the fruits/veggies by tilting down on the left analog stick as fast as you can, switching to the next one by tilting the right analog stick down and repeat.

Cracking an Egg: This one is the most difficult and requires about as much finesse as cracking a real egg would.  For one thing, take your time.  Tilt the analog sticks away from each other as gently as possible.  Then press the designated shoulder buttons when the red aura shows up.  Honestly, this one is a bit hard to explain.  In general, I found that the whole action must be done as smoothly as possible.  Once I had practiced enough, I could actually crack it fairly quickly with an Excellent rating as long as I was gentle.

If you are having trouble with a particular cooking mini game, practice first with a recipe where you have tons of ingredients because it is very frustrating to fail at a recipe where the ingredients are scarce.  If you need to, you may want to exit the game via the Home button and quit and return so you don’t have to keep gathering items.  (Don’t merely leave the bistro and return to the title screen via a save point because the game will auto-save.)  The above tips are based on my own difficulties with this challenge, so I hope they will make your efforts easier, as well.

Screenshot by The Duck of Indeed


  1. Krystallina says:

    I also had the most trouble with the eggs. So awkward with pushing the sticks outward and yet worrying about pressing the shoulder buttons in time.

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      It doesn’t help that I’m not great at cracking real eggs, either….

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