Haven’t Heard of ‘Seven’ Before, But Am Glad the Enhanced Version is Coming

Isometric exploration games have always been a rare breed. They never play quite like anything else out there, and usually it takes a a certain kind of gamer to appreciate them due to the unusual gameplay mechanics they tend to employ. Those that do it well can definitely find great success within that niche; one need look no further than Supergiant Games’ Bastion and Transistor to see that. Even so, we don’t see many of these, so it’s always exciting when a new one pops up on the ol’ radar. This time around, that “new one” is called “Seven: The Days Long Gone” and it’s getting an enhanced release later this month.

(video by YouTube channel: IMGN.PRO)

Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric action-RPG wherein players step into the shoes of Teriel the thief. His mission is to shake the foundations of an empire by whatever means he sees fit. Does that mean keeping to the shadows and engaging in subterfuge or waging full out war against his enemies? Is he interested in helping the empire’s citizens, or would he rather they suffer? It’s all up to the player.

Some of the game’s unique qualities include a parkour system, multiple endings, and a fully fleshed-out combat system. The enhanced version that’s going on sale later this month includes a whole new expansion complete with new abilities and story line for players to enjoy. Judging by this trailer, you’ll probably like this one if you liked the aforementioned Bastion or Transistor. This seems like it’s just a couple steps beyond those after all.

Seven: Enhanced Edition launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on March 26.

What’s your take on this? Did you try the original version on PC after it launched back in 2017?

Lede image captured from trailer