Fun with FF7’s Chocobo Breeding

When I play video games, I usually enjoy focusing on the main game first and foremost.  Anything outside that, more often than not, feels like a waste of my time.  And yet, when I give said diversions a chance, they often turn out to be much more fun than I would have expected.  A recent example was Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad, a deceptively simple card game that ended up being way more addicting than I ever could have imagined.  The newest story I have to tell pertains to the Chocobo breeding in Final Fantasy VII.

Probably a week ago, as of writing this, anyway, my second playthrough of FF7 had neared its conclusion, with the Northern Crater and a few little sidequests being all that remained.  After getting a few more tasks out of the way, I realized that all I had left was Chocobo breeding.  At this realization, I spent some time debating whether or not I really cared about what appeared to be a tedious and dull task.  The reason this sidequest was beneficial was because it would allow my heroes to reach special Materia that they simply couldn’t access otherwise.  Eventually, I decided to give Chocobo breeding a try, and it turned out to be far more worthwhile than I expected.

The first step was catching several Good or Great Chocobo.  While most guides claimed you needed one Good and one Great Chocobo, I found that I could complete my task just fine with Great Chocobo instead.  I started with four Great Chocobo, which I named Biscut, Cookie, Macaru (short for Macaroon), and Browny, with the misspellings due to a shortage of letter spaces.  The Chocobo I chose to nurture were Cookie (the male) and Macaru (the female).  After spending over an hour feeding them Tantal Greens (it increases all three stats, speed, stamina, and intelligence) and getting nowhere, I learned that the far more expensive Sylkis Greens are more effective in maxing out a Chocobo’s stats.  It took selling all of my unneeded weapons and equipment and a few trips to the Gelnika to fight tough enemies for more Gil that eventually earned me enough money for all the Greens I needed.

With speeds of 94 and 97 respectively, Cookie and Macaru had no trouble reaching A rank, which was sufficient for breeding the Green and Blue Chocobo I needed next.  Unfortunately, earlier on, I had gotten a Blue Chocobo named Blubry before maxing out his parents’ stats, so he was on the slow side (with a speed of 64).  After that, I made sure to make the parents far speedier before adding any new Chocobo to the family.  After that, I got a male Green Chocobo named Pickle, a female Green Chocobo named Grape, and a female Blue Chocobo named Bleu.

The chosen Chocobo now were Pickle and Bleu, whose stats maxed out much more quickly due to faster parents.  They raced to rank A with speeds of 94 and 110 respectively, though they were rather uncooperative due to me feeding them fewer Greens.  While they had no trouble winning races, it was rather annoying watching them run in a zigzag pattern towards the goal whenever I made them dash at the end of the race.  After that, a new Chocobo was born with these two Chocobo, a female Black Chocobo named Pepper, whose speed was a whopping 118!  I had little trouble racing her straight to S rank, even though she, like her parents, enjoyed running off in weird directions and ignoring all of my efforts at making her run on the inside edge of the track rather than the outside.

At this point, one final step remained before I could obtain the coveted Gold Chocobo, the goal of my entire endeavor.  I now needed a Wonderful Chocobo, which could only be caught at the Chocobo tracks near Icicle Inn.  At first, I kept getting dweeby weak Chocobo, but once I learned that Wonderful Chocobo appear with either one or two bunny enemies, I had no trouble getting one.  After this, I saved the game, and upon learning that my freshly caught Wonderful Chocobo was a female, I quit the game and returned.  This time, the Wonderful Chocobo was the male I needed.  I named it Parfat, raced it to S rank (its max speed was 110), and then…it was time for the moment of truth.

To get the Gold Chocobo, you need to pick the Black Chocobo first, then the Wonderful, and use a Zeio Nut.  After I followed these steps, a female Gold Chocobo was born!  I named this Chocobo Dorito, which I believe translates roughly to “little golden thing”?  Not sure if this is totally accurate, but it seems fitting for my food-themed birdies.  Even though the process of getting Dorito was rather tedious, it was a satisfying achievement indeed when that Gold Chocobo was finally born.  (Not only can it go absolutely anywhere, including crossing the ocean, it has a speed of 155!)  And now it’s time to obtain a few useful items I didn’t have on my initial playthrough.  Sephiroth is so going down!

It’s now your turn to share, dear readers!  What’s a sidequest that you thought would be boring, but turned out to be a lot more fun than you expected?  Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image from Flickr User: Francisco Junior


  1. Krystallina says:

    Every time I have to play Blitzball in FFX, I’m like, “I don’t want to do this.” Then I play it and remember it is actually pretty fun.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      One of my favorite gaming diversions is probably the Chao in Sonic Adventure 2. I loved raising Chao and winning the races and little karate matches. I spent hours on those Chao and loved every minute of it.

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