YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #80

Happy almost-Halloween, everyone! The scariest day of the year is closing in, so why not celebrate by watching our YouTube Highlights? Okay, so maybe that logic doesn’t quite add up, but still. We are celebrating in our own way with an ongoing Let’s Play of Luigi’s Mansion. Follow along as Luigi cleans up a very haunted house! As well, for a dose of awesome 3D platforming, check out the latest we have to offer from Donkey Kong Country Returns.  And we’re happen to welcome back, for a limited time, Nostalgic Notions! We’re back playing Midway Arcade Treasures on the Gamecube, so join in all the classic gaming fun!

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With that, click forth for the videos!

Luigi’s Mansion

We suppose that it’d only make sense that a haunted game like Luigi’s Mansion might produced some haunted hiccups. But all technical difficulties aside, Luigi is still cleaning up that mansion like a pro, so soon it’ll just be a normal house! Although not if bosses like Vincent Van Gore have anything to say about it!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

This past week in Donkey Kong Country Returns, the Kongs took to a drastic change in scenery, moving from rumbly, bumbly canyon country to a smoky, grim industrial world, one with plenty of danger and intrigue! Well, as intriguing as a polluted factory can be, anyhow.

Nostalgic Notions

Say hello again to our classic gaming series, Nostalgic Notions! We pick up with games from the Midway Arcade Treasures compilation here with a skateboarding game like no other…it’s 720º! And really, when one of the primary enemies in your skateboarding game is a swarm of bees, that’s certainly…unique.

Thanks for watching, and join us next week for a new video wrap-up!