Rare Scares: Thaaank Yooouuu…

Good day (or perhaps good evening) to all you lovely citizens of the night! Halloween is almost upon us, and that means Rare Scares month has almost passed. They haven’t all been scares per se, but I’d say Rare’s oddly scary reputation still stands. This final scare isn’t really all that creepy at first glance either, it just raises questions. Several questions. Questions that can keep one up at night if they’re the right combination of bored and tired. So for your consideration today, I hereby present to you: the Egg Flower Pots!

These strange pots reside around the Church found in one Mad Monster Mansion’s four quadrants. They’re inconspicuous enough. They’re just flower pots with eyes is all; not that unusual in a game filled with eye-having inanimate objects. What is odd though, is that they can speak. Clearly. No goofy noises, and no Rareware gibberish; just a distinct “Thank You” delivered in a long, low voice. Uh…huh. What exactly is up with that?

The method of triggering the voice is odd too. One would think a flower pot would want some water or some sort of seed to be planted in it. Not these pots. They want eggs. They want eggs dropped into them so that they can burst into a beautiful arrangement of blue flowers. Again: huh? How exactly does a bird egg produce  flowers, and why are these pots grateful for it? My theory is that these pots, much like everything else in Mad Monster Mansion, are haunted. That would explain them having eyes and expressing themselves in a voice in a tone just a hair above a moan. They’re obviously not hostile, and aren’t scary. Still these things bug me more than they should. What kind of ghost haunts a flower pot, and why does it have the oddly specific power of transforming eggs into flowers. I guess…we’ll never know.