Resonance: Divine Beast Vah Naboris Battle

Folks, I’m smitten! I thought that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was great purely from a gaming standpoint, but oh, its soundtrack has me over the moon! It’s…it’s…simply wonderful!

Alright, enough with the gushing. But truly, Breath of the Wild is most definitely my most favorite soundtrack of the moment. I’ve said often enough that I tend to ignore game music until after the fact. (Playing alone takes enough concentration!) And yet, in Breath of the Wild, the soundtrack is unmissable. Every time I enter a new area or battle a new foe, I’m treated to something different musically. The wealth of sounds in the game is astounding and inspiring. The BotW song that’s currently earwormed itself into my brain is the Divine Beat Vah Naboris battle theme, the one that played when Link, with Gerudo Chief Riju’s help, first attacked the beat to subdue it.

For me, Naboris was the final divine beast to beat. Based on the previous beasts, I knew that Naboris was going to be no picnic…and it wasn’t. Out on the slick and stormy dunes of the desert, riding a sand seal while trying to stay under Riju’s protective bubble in order to avoid Naboris’s lightning attacks, was really something else. And all the while, the swift and steady rhythm of the battle theme kept me going. In the game, the music of the Gerudo Desert has Arabian and Middle Eastern overtones that aren’t too unlike that which might accompany desert scenes in other games (like Uncharted 3, for example). For the Naboris, these same light, bright string sounds are amplified by flute-like tones and an amazing drum beat that really kicks you in the seat of your pants during battle. The whole piece seemed to want to propel itself forward relentlessly, which described perfectly Link’s situation in the desert. Stop or get distracted for even a moment, and it was all over.

My personal preferences when it comes to game music can vary wildly. When the music involved makes me pay close enough attention, like the Naboris battle theme does, it usually becomes unforgettable. And, in fact, part of the why this theme so strongly resonates with me, is because it’s quite reminiscent of “The Pod Dance” from The Dark Crystal, one of my all-time favorite movies. Though the two are distinct and memorable pieces individually, this association goes a very long way in forever cementing the Naboris battle theme as a favorite.

Now, all that’s left is Calamity Ganon, and I can’t wait to see, and listen to, what’s ahead!

Lede image taken by cary from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild © Nintendo (2017)

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