Still Feeling Cautiously Optimistic About Anthem

“Anthem looks interesting.” That’s more or less what I’ve been thinking ever since the game was announced. Plenty has been released about it; plenty has been shown, but I’m still not feeling all that much excitement for the game. This latest trailer, like all the others, shows a game that looks very promising. And yet…

The trailer above talks about the story and gameplay experience of Anthem. Outside the walls of the city lies a world ready for exploration. It looks massive and absolutely filled with secrets to explore. Its power suits look powerful, can be upgraded with gear found out in the wild and generally look like a blast to play.

Inside the walls is where your character’s personal story plays out. No co-op or combat here: just getting to know your pit crew and gearing up for you next foray into the wilderness. There’s also talk of developing relationships with your associates, which should be exciting given that this is a Bioware game.

And yet…it’s not. Cautious optimism is the only thing this game seems capable of inspiring in me. It looks like it’ll be good. It looks like it could even be great, but there’s just too much I don’t know about it still. Hopefully these reservations will be proven silly once Anthem releases. I’d love to be able to have confidence in EA and BioWare again.

What’s your take on Anthem? Excited? Reserved?