Remedy’s New Game is Called “Control”

After the disappointing performance of Quantum Break, it looks like Remedy is back and ready to get back to what they do best: pairing third-person action with mind-bending phenomenon. It’s not that Quantum Break didn’t deal with potentially mind-bending subject matter, it did deal with time travel after all; it’s just that time-travel isn’t all that…interesting at the end of the day. We’ve all seen it a dozen times over already, and its confusing story and live-action cutscenes didn’t help anything. Hopefully, things will be different with Control.

(Video by YouTube user: 505 Games)

Players will take on the role of Jesse Faden, the newly-appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Considering that the game deals with psychic powers and the like, I’m guessing that this is some sort of agency dedicated to protecting people from the supernatural. Anyway, things have gone terribly wrong after an other-worldly attack on Control (as one would expect) and it’s up to Jesse to use her powers to fight her way through various strange and odd realities, get to the bottom of the attack and re-take Control. Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

“Control represents a new exciting chapter for us, it redefines what a Remedy game is. It shows off our unique ability to build compelling worlds while providing a new player-driven way to experience them,” said Mikael Kasurinen, game director of Control. “A key focus for Remedy has been to provide more agency through gameplay and allow our audience to experience the story of the world at their own pace.”

The game isn’t out until sometime in 2019, but with the way the industry works now, it probably won’t be too long before people have the opportunity to pre-order. I would advise against doing that though. Remedy is a great developer, but we still don’t know anything concrete about how this game will work. As with all games, if you must pre-order, please wait until we’re shown some gameplay and have a solid understanding of what this game will actually be. That way, regrets can be avoided if this somehow turns out to be another Quantum Break.

What do you think of Control? Are you psyched? Are you skeptical? What will Remedy have to do differently to get you to check it out?

Lede image is an official promotional screenshot published by 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment.