Hopefully Conquering Final Fantasy 8: Part 3

I’m still working diligently on Final Fantasy VIII, using guides as I go so as not to miss anything.  (I was using a guide on a website called Jegged, but then I kept getting lots of weird popups, so I switched to IGN.)  I have recently reached disc 3 and am currently all caught up on side quests and Triple Triad and the like.  And I have noticed one very surprising difference between this playthrough and my last.  When junctioning correctly, this game is…incredibly easy.

So is Triple Triad, which has been going great.  I accumulated so many good cards that even the random rule hasn’t been a big deal for me.  It does indeed help to turn all your wimpier cards into items, even if this plan isn’t 100% effective, since some cards require you to have certain numbers in order to change them.  (For example, you may have 4 of a certain card, but you might need 5 in order to create an item out of it.)  Even so, I have been winning cards with ease, my most recent acquisition being Edea’s card, which you can obtain from the sorceress herself.

I have also completed the Card Club side quest and have been working from time to time on the Queen of Cards side quest, as well, which involves losing specific cards to her in order to win rare cards from other characters.  (But worry not, you can win your lost cards back from her son in Dollet.)  This is where the random rule in Dollet became a problem because the game wouldn’t pick the correct card I needed.  Fortunately, I followed a guide to eliminate the random rule from Dollet, so problem solved.

I have also obtained more GFs, including the Tonberry King, and I gained tons of AP from the cactuars off the coast of Cactuar Island.  In the process, I also learned Enc-None with Diablos, so I don’t have to fight random enemies anymore.  This made reaching Odin quick and easy (you have a 20-minute time limit to reach and defeat him, which is no big deal).  The funny thing is, when I occasionally lose a rare card in Triple Triad, killing off my characters for a game over has gotten way tougher.  Either Odin shows up and defeats everything, or Phoenix brings everyone back to life.  Just let me die already!

I also completed the Chocobo Forest side quest.  Now that was actually really annoying.

One final thing I’m really proud of is the fact that I recently got Squall’s strongest weapon, Lion Heart.  It was rather annoying to obtain because you have to win a lot of Elnoyle cards in order to gather up the necessary items, but I was determined.  I’m also super happy to be past the part of the game where you have to defeat that flying soldier in midair.  The worst parts of the game for me are the flying soldier and the part early on where you have to run from the spider robot.  At this point, though, it should be smooth sailing from here.

Starting out, I had serious doubts as to whether or not I’d be able to complete this game.  Now it’s pretty much guaranteed based on how great everything has been going.  Bosses that used to cause me trouble are now pushovers.  It’s been…pretty great.

Oh, and do you remember the part of the game where you pick instruments for your characters to play?  I totally picked the wrong ones, and it sounded horrible.  It was pretty hilarious.

Anyway, we’ve got two discs left to go, and now that I’ve caught up on side quests for the time being, I get to focus almost entirely on the story at this point.  I’m happy to say the game has been much more fun this time around, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.  Ta-ta for now, dear readers!

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Post was originally published on The Duck of Indeed on May 4, 2018.


  1. I recently used Jegged’s guides for the FF7 and FF9 PS4 ports and they were pretty detailed. I just had to install an adblocker extension to avoid all of their frustrating popups. I like IGN’s wiki guides but their site always runs so poorly on Chrome for me, so I’ll probably stick to Jegged when I double back for my 100% FFX PS4 run later this year.

    Junctioning essentially breaks FF8 and I always look forward to finding ways to overpower myself in these types of games. I remember spending hours upon hours leveling up subsclasses in Final Fantasy Tactics to create an unstoppable team (Archer + Knight subclass = naked opposing team by the time they reach melee range) and devising nasty materia combinations in FF7. A lot of folks seemingly hated the Junction system but in a game with level-scaling battles, I enjoyed having the upper-hand.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I remember becoming overpowered in FF5. I forgot what I did, but I was unstoppable, and the game became really fun at that point. I’m nearly unbeatable in FF8 now, too. Not too long ago, I fought Ultima. I thought the battle was going terribly because Ultima killed two characters one right after the other, then Squall used his limit break, and the battle was over. FF8 is a little broken, and it’s great! I love the Junction system now that I understand it.

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      1. For sure, haha. With proper junctioning and Aura magic, you can do some ridiculous damage with Squall. There are some over-powered blue magic spells with Quistis too.


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