Epic Releases $12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets

Earlier today, Epic Games announced that about $12 million worth of assets from it’s defunct MOBA game, Paragon, are now available on the Unreal Marketplace for all Unreal Engine 4 developers to use. This by itself is pretty amazing, but here comes the real kicker: it’s all free!

(video from YouTube user: Unreal Engine)

That’s right. Over 20 characters, including their models; textures; VFX, dialog tracks; animation cycles; and sound cues are all available to use completely free of charge. Unreal 4 developers also have access to a sample map that they can build upon along with over 1,500 objects and other assets from the Agora and Monolith maps.

Epic doesn’t plan on stopping there either. They’ll be steadily feeding new assets into the Unreal Marketplace throughout spring and summer 2018, all of which will be free to use too. Kinda wild, isn’t it?

Any aspiring developers out there? What do you make of this unprecedented release of AAA quality assets for fair use? Think any good projects will come out of it?

Lede image gathered from Flickr user: BagoGames (cc)