The First ‘Inside Xbox’ Premiers Saturday

Earlier this week, the Microsoft announced “Inside Xbox,” a first look at all everything that’s going to be happening on Xbox in the coming months. The first of these will drop this coming Saturday at 2PM CST and will focus on Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and the return of the original Xbox’s chunky “Duke” controller.

So yeah, this is basically Microsoft’s answer to the Nintendo Direct. Being an amalgamation of announcements, trailers and interviews, it’s functionally very similar to Nintendo’s update videos. However, it appears to differ in a key area. Where the Nintendo Direct is solely about what’s going on with Nintendo and what fans have to look forward to for the next couple of months, Inside Xbox appears to be taking all of this and wrapping it in a media event. There’s quite a bit more swagger and sportiness implied here, which is more or less what one would expect from the Xbox brand. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Will these be just as worth watching as the Nintendo Directs have been? Possibly. We’ll just have to tune in and find out.

Are you going to watch these? What do you think of this vs. Nintendo Direct?