Did the Residence Answer My Questions?

Since playing Little Nightmares back in October, I have been anxiously awaiting the third and final Secrets of the Maw DLC so that we could finally learn all there is to know (more or less) about the Maw and its bizarre inhabitants.  If you’re curious to read a review about the game, I have already written one that I believe is still relevant, which can be found here.  This post will not be focusing on reviewing the game, but rather, the DLC and what, if anything, was answered with the release of the Residence on February 23.

First of all, Little Nightmares is the one and only game I have ever bought DLC for, and I believe it was worth it.  The three-part Secrets of the Maw introduces a few new characters (the Runaway Kid, the Granny, and some disturbing little creatures found in the Residence), along with new puzzles and locations.  The Depths focused on water levels, which were very scary indeed with the Granny relentlessly pursuing us from beneath the murky, well, depths.  The Hideaway had us working with Nomes and encountering an all too familiar foe (do you think he appreciates the nickname “noodle-arms”?).

That leaves us with the Residence, which was by far the most interesting of the DLC.  While the DLC was good, the first two chapters of it were not as good as the main game.  The Residence, however, is.  One of the highlights of the Residence was the puzzles, which were some of my favorite in the game because they really made me think.  The Residence was also quite scary thanks to those creepy new enemies I mentioned earlier.  And we got to learn a bit more about the Lady, the most interesting character in the game.  The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, which relates to the fate of the Runaway Kid.

Little Nightmares is a fascinating game, set in a surreal world with some truly frightening inhabitants.  The game also has a delightful mystery surrounding it, though my one major disappointment is how vague the story remained even after I had completed the DLC.  Sure, I love a good mystery, and I think some mysteries should never be solved.  Nevertheless, I wish I had a bit more of a cohesive idea in my mind about what the heck the Maw is and who its inhabitants are.  We were told that “all remaining questions will be answered”, but this is not the case.

This is where a spoiler-warning is in order because I will be briefly discussing a few things I still don’t understand.  One, what IS the Maw?  I hear that it appears once a year, always in a different place.  When this happens, guests arrive at the Maw and gorge themselves.  And it all seems to be run by the Lady.  But why?  What purpose does this serve?  Does she feed on the guests (this guess is based on what Six does at the end of the main game)?  If so, what the heck is the Lady?

I also don’t totally understand what they are keeping all those children locked up for.  Some people have said the children are being used to feed the guests, but there is no way those massive steaks are coming from such tiny children.  Furthermore, how do these children end up on the Maw in the first place?  Does no one notice these kids are missing?

And what is Six?  She is clearly no ordinary kid, with her ravenous hunger and possibly soul-sucking powers that we see at the end of the game.  People have speculated that she is the Lady’s daughter, which would explain her unnatural abilities.  Except Tarsier has implied that this is not the case.

As for the residents of the Maw, why is everyone so grotesque?  Why do the chefs wear masks?  Why is the Granny confined to the flooded basement level?  Who is the hanged man?

Very few questions were answered with the Residence.  We do finally see the Lady’s face.  We learn that she can turn children into Nomes.  And we learn who the Nome is that Six eats, though that was never a question I had to begin with.

I’m still happy with the game.  I still think it’s one of the most unique things I’ve played in a long while.  I just want to know more.  While this certainly doesn’t feel like a game that would benefit from being fully explained, I’m unsure if Little Nightmares gave us enough details in order to solve these mysteries ourselves.  (And I certainly hope that I’m not required to read the comics in order to understand the full story.)

For those of you who have played the game or have been following it online, what are your thoughts?  Did you enjoy Little Nightmares?  Did you feel the DLC was worth it?  And do you feel like your questions have been answered at this point?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!