Overwatch Adding New “Hero 27” Soon

It seems things are progressing quite smoothly in the development of Overwatch’s soon-to-be newest additions: the currently unnamed “Hero 27.” In an interview released last Friday, Jeff Kaplan talked at length about the Overwatch team’s hero development process. He took time to discuss how internal testing worked, how they decide when a hero is ready for release and the milestones they look/aim for during the development process. As for “hero 27” themselves, Mr. Kaplan described them as “meta-changing.” This probably means that they’re excited to release the new hero into the Overwatch wild. Overwatch players are certainly excited too, but one wonders if that excitement won’t turn into something uglier as player adjust to the new meta that will inevitably result from the introduction of this new hero. For even more insight into the creation of a new hero, check out the video below for yourself. It’s an interesting window into the development process whether you’re an Overwatch fan or not.

(Video by YouTube channel: Overwatch Central)

Are you psyched for a new hero or do you think they should just leave the meta as it is? Do you think balance is as important as it’s usually made out to be?

Lede image by Flickr user: pressakey.com (cc)