Super Mario World Has Been Conquered

I have recently reached a huge achievement in my life.  I…finally…beat…Super Mario World!  I kid you not, over the course of my entire life, I have been attempting to beat that game, and I could never get much farther than Chocolate Island.  That level where, if you take the wrong exit, you end up going in a circle.  Chocolate Island 3, I think?  This is not a place I could have named a few months ago, but now that I have returned to the game, I recognize my nemesis with ease.  In fact, there are plenty of tough locations whose names were once lost to me, but when I replay them, I automatically think…yes, that’s the one.  That’s the one I hated all those years ago.

But no more!  Those difficult levels are a barrier to me no longer!  Let me tell you, it was definitely a pretty amazing feeling indeed when Mother Duck and I (in case you missed my earlier post on the subject, the two of us were playing cooperatively) finally beat the castle on Chocolate Island and reached the Valley of Bowser (after which I had the honor of playing through the Ghost Ship).  It was here that we knew the end was nigh.  To be honest, we had already cleared up all the secret paths in the Star Road before that point, so Bowser’s castle had been accessible to us for some time now.  Nevertheless, I wanted to have the satisfaction of telling people that we completed the game fully, with no shortcuts involved.

This playthrough involved many hours of failed attempts, particularly in castles, which consistently proved to be the greatest obstacles to overcome.  Our time with the game also involved lots of enraged screaming, not to mention pleading for mercy whenever those stupid Koopa wizards were about (they were the reason we never completed castle #3 and were forced to cross over the Butter Bridge instead).  Some laughter was involved, as well, such as when Mother Duck managed to bounce along the head of that Fishing Boo guy in the Choco-Ghost House all the way to the door.  Or when I was working my way through Wendy’s Castle.  I was doing terribly, but I finally managed to reach her with no mushrooms or anything.  I distinctly recall saying, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I actually managed to complete this?”  A minute or two later, and I had.

Midway through our grand, 16-bit adventure, we also lost a controller, but not from anger.  You see, I was playing using a brand new GameCube controller that had actually been sitting around for years.  I had been going back and forth between playing Super Mario World with Mother Duck and Luigi’s Mansion (both using the Wii), and during the latter, the control stick, which had always suffered from an inexplicable tilt despite its youthful age, suddenly snapped free of…something and proceeded to hang loosely to the side.  I figured out how to manipulate some kind of contraption that apparently resides inside in order to guide Luigi to a save point, but alas, it was a weird and unexpected moment indeed.

Sorry.  That recount of my deceased new controller went on for far longer than intended.  It’s weird, though.  I used the thing for…a few weeks in total.  Just…weird.  And darn it, who has a three-pronged screwdriver!  I could have probably fixed that dumb controller otherwise!

Ahem, after a whole lot of gaming madness, we reached the final level and took turns exploring the different doors of Bowser’s castle to see which were the easiest (at this point, there was no way we were challenging ourselves!).  Once we reached Bowser, Mother Duck put me in charge of both controllers, as she dislikes boss fights, and I fought that dastardly turtle again and again until he was defeated once and for…um…well, I defeated him until Mario’s next adventure.  At this time, those extra secret stages after the Star Road remain incomplete.  We have still not beat Tubular.  I might return in the future, but for now, I am totally satisfied with simply beating the main game.

And now that I look back at this game that had so recently kicked my feathery backend, it doesn’t look so big and intimidating anymore.  I actually feel like…I could beat it again.  I never thought I’d be able to say that.  I could beat Super Mario World…AGAIN!  …Okay, I’m getting pretty cheesy at this point.  This is just a big deal for me.  And now I’d like to ask, what is a game that you worked years to beat and finally overcame?  Please let me know in the comments!

Duck, Master Platformer

Screenshot from Flickr User: Kruo Profanx

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  1. Congrats on completing Mario World! Classic game, and so tricky later on.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks! My life just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t beat Super Mario World at least once. Now I just need to get through those Special Zone levels. I got stuck on Tubular.

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  2. Geddy says:

    Congrats! Wish I could re-experience it with a fresh mind.. Played the hell out of it both as a kid and in adulthood, even speedran it for a bit. Such a classic!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks much! Super Mario World was one of the few remaining games from my childhood that I had yet to conquer. At this point, I think I’ve completed nearly all of my games from the SNES era…aside from the various games included in Super Mario All-Stars. I don’t think I’m ready for those yet, though.


  3. darthtimon says:

    Congratulations! Super Mario World is an all-time classic and completing it felt very satisfying, so enjoy!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Thanks! There’s nothing like beating a game that has kicked my butt for two decades!

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  4. I have not played Super Mario World, but I have a similar experience with another game. When I was younger, I owned a copy of Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time. A few years ago, a friend and I decided to attempt this game and actually managed to complete it. Afterwards, we both decided to attempt the original Ecco game. Even though both games were hard, I had previously managed to complete some levels in the Tides of Time game, however, I had only been able to reach the fifth level of the first Ecco game due to the game’s high difficulty. Later, my friend gave up and we then stopped playing the game. A while later, I started the game again and, about 20 years after I had bought it, I eventually completed Ecco the Dolphin. Some of the things mentioned in the article occurred while I completed my game, the names of the levels (previously forgotten) did become instantly recognisable during play, there were some difficult obstacles I overcame in an unexpected way and (while the game was beatable) I did recognise that some aspects were extremely difficult. I enjoyed the story of how the game was completed and how the controller could be used, despite being broken.
    Did you recognise the part of the game that was so difficult when you played before? Did you find a way to overcome it?


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I’ve played a little bit of both of those Ecco games. I have them in this Sega Genesis collection on the XBox 360. I plan to beat them someday, but they’re really tough, so I never got too far in either one.

      I think what stopped us in our tracks when we played Super Mario World in the past was this one pipe that hung from the sky in Chocolate Island 3. The level was nigh impossible for us at the time, and we tried to complete it by simply flying across the stage. This worked…until we hit that dastardly pipe. I think the way we finally managed to complete it was to use one of those flying Yoshis. That helped us through a lot of tough levels, in fact.


  5. SindrElf says:

    We beat Wendy just now! Damn, there are some hard levels in this game!


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