How will you be getting Mass Effect: Andromeda?

For as long as I’ve played Mass Effect, I’ve only ever played it on the Xbox 360. I imagine that this may be the case for many players, as well. After all, the first Mass Effect was an Xbox exclusive for a long time.  It was ported to PC about a year after it’s release, but its port to the PlayStation didn’t happen for five years! And by then, which would have been 2012, Mass Effect 2 had been released. I played that on the Xbox 360. And then, when Mass Effect 3 was released on all platforms, I still played it on the Xbox 360. And just recently, when I got the full trilogy…yep, you guessed it…I got the Xbox 360 version. Nothing against the PlayStation, mind you — I heard that the PS3 version of the trilogy looks pretty nice – it’s just that, well, when I play Mass Effect, I like having that 360 controller in my hand.  It feels comfortable and right.

Once I decided to commit myself to Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was faced with a slight dilemma. Harboring such comfortableness (read: stick-in-the-mudness) with Mass Effect on the Xbox, would I, or should I therefore have to get Andromeda on the Xbox One?

Guys and gals, if I’m being honest, I’ve not really been a fan of the Xbox One. It’s a fine console, but I feel like everything it does is done better on the PlayStation 4, particularly in terms of capturing and sharing screenshots and video. I really dislike it’s “Windows” menu system and how it seems to turn the most simple of tasks into difficult chores. I can’t say the the poor thing has seen much action in my house lately.

So okay, I crossed the Xbox One of the Andromeda list, which left the PlayStation 4 and the PC. The PS4 seems like the most obvious choice. It’s a great console that’s a breeze to use. But…ours is full. Filled to the brim with games, namely because we use it so much! We haven’t yet upgraded the storage, now with Sony’s helpful new update that added external HDD support.  But we don’t have a spare external hard drive just hanging around, and while the prospect of getting one isn’t burdensome, it’s just not a priority at the moment. Beyond that, because the PS4 is our household’s most popular console, trying to carve out time on it with this massive game could be an issue. So, I crossed off the PS4.

That left me with the PC. Huh, I thought. We have a nice gaming PC, one that we primarily use to play games on Steam. Getting Andromeda for it could be a good choice. It has plenty of space with a good graphics card…and it would sure be nice to see the world of Andromeda looking all pretty and stuff. Plus, we don’t use the PC heavily, so it’s generally free. (Freer than the PS4, anyway.) And even have a languishing Origin account somewhere. It remains hard for me to judge what it would be like to play a game like Andromeda on PC, but how different could it be? And after all, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be quite removed from the original trilogy…maybe I needed to remove myself from my Xbox comfort zone? Yes…this could be exactly what I need…

And with that, my choice was made. I’ll be getting Andromeda on the PC. Now I just have to decide, physical disc or digital download? (And hoo boy, time is running out!)

If you’re going to be picking up Mass Effect: Andromeda, how will you get the game? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    just pre-ordered mine for PC! Amazon Prime has a 20% deal that i couldn’t pass up. I don’t have PS4 or Xbox One so I have very limited options. I just hope i get it day one and it’s not like they need to ship me a box with a key in it. Either way PC download it is. Will be kicking back on the couch with my steam controller ready to boot

    only thing I’m concerned about is their recommended PC specs site a very beefy video card, I have a good one, but still get nervous about this considering PC ports sometimes don’t run as well as they are supposed to, we’ll know in a week

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    1. cary says:

      I suppose that, like e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e, you’ve probably seen some the early release videos concerning graphics issues with Andromeda on PC. (Boy, some of them are pretty hilarious!) Agreed that PC ports can be problematic in general, but with Andromeda…I mean, it’s not like the original trilogy isn’t without it’s own wonkiness. Frankly, most of the humans throughout the games have strange facial animations, even Shepard. And the games aren’t glitch-free either. Not by *any* stretch.

      I’m planning on reinstating my Origin account this weekend, and then will place my pre-order – thanks for the Amazon tip! And digital download seems like the way to go. (Though part of me wouldn’t mind seeing and Andromeda box on the shelf, even if it is technically empty. 🙂 )

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      1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

        I haven’t seen any of the vids about Andromeda PC graphics. I did see some general things on facial animations, but I do feel some of the criticism is getting too but picky. Someone brought up a good point. Because of the whole ME3 ending it seems people might be still feeling sour from that and aren’t gonna let this game go out without making remarks.

        It made me question my pre order a bit yesterday, but then I realized none of the mass effects are without their flaws so I think I should be fine


  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. It can be a hard choice! I just got a PlayStation Pro so I’ll be switching things up from my usual Xbox One purchases to enjoy it on the Pro! I hope you like it on PC. I used to love playing Mass Effect on PC, and I still like shooters on PC (though it’s been awhile, so I’m probably kinda rusty).

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    1. cary says:

      Oh, congrats on the PS Pro! I’ve heard only good things about it, so I’m sure you’ll have a blast using it to roam the galaxy.

      I’m a little hesitant to return to a shooter on PC – it’s been a looong time for me — but I’m also kind of excited to get back into using a keyboard and mouse for this kind of game. (But the game has controller support, so at least I’ll have a backup if things get too frustrating!)

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  3. Hatm0nster says:

    I played the original trilogy on the Xbox 360 and loved it, but I’ll be getting Andromeda on PS4. I prefer using it over the Xbox One (for similar reasons to those you described) and everyone I know is also getting it for PS4, so I’d better follow suit if I want to enjoy the multiplayer. 😀

    As for playing on PC, I’d say it’ll probably be the superior experience. Not only do you have the potential for better visual resolution than the consoles, but you can also play in 60fps (I’m a bit jealous of that).

    You really wouldn’t have to do anything different either. If your PC is running Windows 10 (most PCs are now) then it has native compatibility with your Xbox One controller. All you’ll have to do is plug the controller in, maybe tweak a setting, and you’ll be all set to play with an Xbox controller just like in the good ol’ days of the original games!

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    1. cary says:

      Ha, that’s what I just said in reply to Ashley! I am going to give the keyboard and mouse a go, though. It’s worth trying, especially to see if it makes a significant difference in gameplay. (Your frames-per-second note reminds me that I need to check our PCs specs to see if they match what Andromeda requires. It’s pretty up-to-date in terms of both software and hardware, but I should check anyway!)

      The PS4 was in the running for awhile because of multiplayer – mainly for my husband and his friends. But he hasn’t been too impressed with the latest round of videos showing off that part of the game. If anything, we might might pick up the game on the cheap for the PS4 sometime later.

      (Aside: I know cross-platform multiplayer remains a pie-in-the-sky idea (Rocket League might be the only mainstream game doing this now?), but if that had been included with Andromeda, I bet people would be even more excited for it than they are now. It could have been a literal game-changer!)

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  4. Playstation for the trilogy, Playstation for Andromeda… haha I don’t have an Xbox, and I’m not really a great PC gamer, so… at least I know I can pop the disc in and not have to worry about specs. I saw some PC gamers have been having some issues. And I LOVE the idea of a cross-platform multiplayer! Wow can you imagine being able to play with your friends regardless of console??

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    1. cary says:

      It would be pretty incredible, right? Plus, cross-platform multiplayer would totally reflect the open spirit of Andromeda!

      Ah well. Anyway, I hope you have a blast with the game on your PS4. I’m dure the game will look great on it. Really, if we had immediate space available on our PS4, it’d be a no-brainer. But I’m looking forward to switching things up. I believe the game will be worth it. 😊

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      1. We need to make this cross-platform multiplayer happen. Maybe we could start a letter-writing campaign! (haha?)

        Too bad we won’t run into each other in Andromeda 😦 But I hope you have lots of fun, too!! 😀 I think it’ll be great on any platform!

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  5. simpleek says:

    Mass Effect will be on the Xbox One for me. That’s only because I don’t own a Playstation and I sure as hell refuse to invest in a fancy PC for gaming. I literally made the easiest choice of my life! 😛

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    1. cary says:

      The easiest choices are the best ones! Despite my own pet peeves, the Xbox One is no slouch. I recall that Dragon Age: Inquisition looked perfectly lovely on it, and I didn’t have a single problem playing it on the console.

      (We’re getting so close now…it’s very exciting! Hope you have tons o’ fun in space!)

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