Mass Effect Gets a Pre-Order Trailer

As we advance ever closer to its March 21st release date, more and more details have been dropping for the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. There’s still plenty that we don’t know about the game though, with the game’s multiplayer still firmly blocked from our view. Still, just as astronomers make indirect observations of distant stellar objects, we can glean some information from what is otherwise just something meant to show off the perks gained from pre-ordering the game.

(video from the PlayStation EU YouTube channel)

The actual multiplayer footage in this trailer is really quite brief, totaling about 5 seconds in length. It’s really not much, but even this little bit tells us a few things. First is that the multiplayer does indeed seem to be similar to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component. Specifically, we saw at least two playable species, Human and Krogan, and at least two classes in the form of what appeared to be an Adept and a Battlemaster respectively. The enemies they were fighting also lacked any sort of online identification, so it’ll likely be following the hoard mode model its predecessor used rather than a directly competitive component. Also, if the bonus EXP offered for pre-ordering is any indication, there seems to be some sort of character growth involved as well.

It’s also already been confirmed that the multiplayer will somehow connect to the single-player campaign, and the there will be some sort of microtransaction component attached as well. While microtransactions are never a welcome inclusion, it’s important to remember that they were present in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer too. If we’re lucky, they’ll play just as minor a role now as they did back in 2012. Hopefully BioWare will reveal more about the multiplayer in the coming weeks and address all of our lingering concerns.

The rest of the trailer is exactly what its title suggests: an ad for the game’s pre-order bonuses. Players that pre-order the game will receive the Deep Space Explorer armor set, a gold plate skin for the Nomad, and five EXP boosters. it’s nice to get a little something extra for having enough confidence in a game to pay for it early, but I’m not really sure this will be enough to entice anyone who wasn’t already going to pre-order this game. With all the bad press pre-order culture has gotten over the past year or so, one would think that the major publishers would want to do a little bit more to make such an investment more worthwhile; especially if they’re going to dedicate a whole trailer to the bonuses they’re offering.

At any rate, there’s still several weeks left until the game drops, so there’s still plenty of time to show us exactly why we should be excited about this latest entry in the Mass Effect series.

Are you excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Were you a fan Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer?

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  1. cary says:

    Ok, so I think I’ve finally been bit by the Andromeda bug. This last round of trailers has me pretty much convinced that I need to get this game. But it won’t be a pre-order for me. I’m less than thrilled with pre-ordering any game these days. The perks hardly ever make it worthwhile. Though I guess I could see doing that here for the mutilplayer perks, if that’s your thing. Having never played ME multiplayer, it’s out of my realm.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      It’s worth trying if you never had the opportunity when ME3 was still popular. It was like a somewhat simplified horde mode with many different character classes. Actually very fun in a group since balancing your class selection actually had a noticeable impact on how well your team did. The only annoyance was the microtransactions. Not required, but they made getting new character classes much more difficult than it should have been.

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