#Listmas2016: What I’ll be adding in next year…to the backlog

Following up on my Listmas post from last week, it’s time to get to the rundown of what games I hope to add to my backlog…err,  games library in 2017. And it’s not just brand new games that I’ve got my eye on, but a number of older titles that have skipped my purview or that I once had but sold or traded. Whether or not I’ll actually play any of them next years remains to be seen, but who knows! Granted, I already have and will put plenty on my gaming plate for the new year, but it’s still fun to take a look into the video games crystal ball to see what could be. So let’s get to the list!

As I did last time, I have to give a special shoutout to a few games that I recently added to my library: Killer7, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age II.  I’ve already played the Dragon Age titles, and they came with their own sets of mixed emotions (Origins was excellent and the sequel was less than that). But as I’ve had trouble coming to terms with Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’m thinking that I might need to distance myself from the Mass Effect universe. By immersing myself in another of Bioware’s grand offerings, like the Dragon Age series, maybe it’ll help me better accept whatever Andromeda might be.  And as for Killer7, well, that’s simply a title I’ve been longing after for awhile. And when I found a copy as a reasonable price, it was too good to turn down! Plus, it’ll give me a good reason to fire up the GameCube a little more frequently.

So, what of those games to add? My list looks like this:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
I needn’t say much more than this sequel to The Stick of Truth is high on my list. The original game was so much silly, over-the-top fun, and I’ve no doubt that this sequel will be just as ridiculous. The game was schedule to come out this year, but a delay put it off until the early Spring of 2017, and I will be ready for it!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
While this title should seem like a no-brainer, I’ve been on the fence about getting it. But I’m now strongly leaning towards it mainly because it’ll give my WiiU something to do other than collect dust. Also, it’s becomingly increasingly clear that it’ll be a fine entry, perhaps among the finest entries, into the Zelda series.

The Kingdom Hearts games
Ages ago, I played Kingdom Hearts, and I had a really wonderful time with it. The mix of characters and gameplay just hit all the right beats, and I enjoyed the story of Sora and his friends.  But for some reason, a fandom never developed personally. I missed the sequel and tried to pick up things with Chain of Memories. That didn’t go so well, and then Kingdom Hearts fell off my map. But since the release of various ReMixes (both for the PS3 and upcoming ones for the PS4), I think it’s high time that I get back into the series for good. Especially since it seems that Kingdom Hearts III is actually going to become a reality!

Final Fantasy XV
Alright Final Fantasy, you got me. I was highly interested in FFXV before I saw its initial videos. Then I fell off the wagon — and I have to admit that I judged a book, or a game, by it’s cover. I just didn’t get what I was seeing in its initial release videos, and the guy-heavy story just didn’t set well. But, with good folks saying really good things about this game and releasing some really good videos of its gameplay, I think it’s a game for me, after all.

Shadow of Colossus
If there’s one game that more folks have recommended to me than any other, it’s Shadow of Colossus. And now, with the release of The Last Guardian, which I would like to play but likely won’t buy any time soon, it seems that picking up Shadow of Colossus is a necessary venture. I’ve avoided everything I can about the game, and my abilty to do is running out!

We Happy Few
Want to take an oddball, potentially psychedelic trip into a strange world? Sign me up! I wasn’t quite on board when word of We Happy Few was first released earlier in  the year (as an Early Access title on Steam), and I have to admit that I’m still not sure that I want to jump into it yet (“Survival” and “horror” are in its description; those words aren’t me favorite when it comes to games.) But funky graphics and left-field story have keep the game in my sights, which is hopefully where it’ll stay once the game is fully released.

I could keep going, surely, as there are dozens of other titles from the past that I’d love to add to my library, such as Jax and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and a Metal Gear collection for the PS3 that looks mighty interesting. Plus, there are plenty of new titles that may (or may not) come out next year, such as Agents of Mayhem, Cuphead, and Red Dead Redemption 2, that promise to keep things interesting as the year progresses. Bring it on 2017! I’m ready!

What games, old or new, would you like to add to your own backlog…err, game library?


  1. Mr. Panda says:

    Wow, what a solid list of games! I have a big backlog already, but I’ll certainly add Switch games as soon as they’re out. Breath of the Wild is number one on my list. The new South Park game also looks like it will be as fun as the first one.

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    1. cary says:

      I’ll be interested to see what games are first released for the Switch. Don’t plan on getting the console, but quite curious nonetheless. Beyond that, I’m sure that Breath of the Wild is going to to be a big hit no matter what. But I think there are going to be plenty of other big hits next year…the anticipation of what’s to come in gaming is quite exciting!

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  2. Great list! And that’s a dangerous question, my friend πŸ˜‰

    I’m tentatively excited for Andromeda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian (which I’ve surprisingly not heard *too* much about yet). Of course I’m excited for the next Zelda title, too πŸ™‚ But I have a list a mile long… I’ll have to post it one day for some giggles!

    And hooray for Dragon Age!! I’m actually planning a post for the coming weeks comparing Origins to II, since there’s such a difference in reception between the two games (although Origins is by far my favorite DA game!!).

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    1. cary says:

      I’m looking forward to revisiting the DA universe myself. It’s been far too long, frankly, since I played Origins in particular. That game had me seriously hooked. Not sure it’ll have the same effect again, but I’m curious enough to find out.

      All this revisiting of older titles is going to take a toll on my real backlog, but it’s a risk I must take, haha! 😊 Next year’s going to be a good one for games and gamers!


  3. For the first time in… 10 years(?!) there are games coming out in 2017 that I am anticipating buying upon release: the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild and the PS3 release of Persona 5.

    I’m hyped for Zelda for two reasons, the first being that it looks crazy ambitious! As much as I love the Zelda formula (when it’s done well), there’s something to be said for doing away with the sacred cows and breaking from tradition. Nintendo at their most bold and ambitious is something very special – I was thinking about the Super Mario Galaxy games yesterday, and how bold they were to go with the epic space theme and put in orchestral music. It’s really admirable.

    Second reason for being excited about BotW is that I played Skyward Sword this past year and it greatly exceeded my expectations. It has its flaws – the storytelling for instance – but all in all I had a blast with it, the most fun I’ve had with any Zelda game since Four Swords Adventures.

    Despite my plans to only add two games to my backlog this year, that is 100% certain to fall through and I bet you there will be plenty more games finding their way to my shelves.

    Anyway, good luck with your game hunting! Shadow of the Colossus is a great experience and I’m sure you’ll have an interesting time with it if/when you get around to it!

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    1. cary says:

      I just (and I mean literally a few days ago) bought Shadow of the Colossus from PSN, so it’s sitting on my PS3 just waiting. I’m utterly obsessed with Fallout: New Vegas at the moment, however, so it might be waiting for quite some time. (Also picked up Lost Odyssey for free on the Xbox 360, so, yeah…the backlog just keeps growing.)

      One of the reasons that I remain a little down on Breath of the Wild is that I almost think it’s going to be too big of a game for me to manage. That’s kind of how I felt with Twilight Princess. And, I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m simply terrible at boss battles in Zelda games. In each one I’ve played, I’ve gotten stuck at one more bosses, and the frustration leads to me setting the game aside for awhile. I know it’s a bunch of silly baggage to carry along, but as much as Zelda equivocates to fun in my mind, it can also equal disaster. Still, I do look forward to actually seeing the game being played extensively when it comes out. I think that’ll be the push I need to make the purchase.


  4. cary says:

    Reblogged this on Recollections of Play and commented:

    In my final Listmas share from United We Game, I discuss that, while its great to be all noble and think that my backlog is going to get smaller this year, chances are it might not. (Maybe I’ll break even, at least.) Here’s a list of the games that I’ll like to get this year. And maybe I’ll even play some of them too! (Haha.)


  5. Chris Scott says:

    So many games are already on my radar for the year and I already have too many to count in my backlog but like any year I of course plan on adding many.

    Resident Evil 7
    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD
    Halo Wars 2
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Mass Effect: Andromeda
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 HD
    Yooka Laylee

    and that is just new games in the first few months of this year. I’d also like to continue to add “classic” Star Wars games to my retro-collection.

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    1. cary says:

      Oh man, that’s a fantastic list. πŸ™‚ Plenty there to keep anyone busy. And you’re right — it does only cover the first few months. I imagine we’ll all be swimming in too many games by the year’s end!

      Good luck, besides, in building your Star Wars collection. That sound pretty cool, and there are lots of great SW games from the past.

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