YouTube Highlights: October 2016

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Zelda-ween celebration to bring you some gaming videos! Even though we’ve got a good thing going, we must review our month in YouTube, because it’s been a great one; one that was filled with excellent gaming moments of all sorts. So let’s get to the rundown!

We’re going to start this week with that puffy, fluffy, vacuum cleaner of’s Kirby! The Duck of Indeed’s playthrough of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland really “chilled out”  in October as the gang ventured into the snowy stages of World 4.

And then, the Duck’s continuing adventures in Donkey Kong Country 3 continued without a stop! We saw Dixie and Diddy Kong make their way through stages in Mekenos and Cotton-Top Cove.

The likes of Super Mario Galaxy saw no signs of slowing down either as The Duck moved out of Space Junk Galaxy and onto the formidable Battlerock Galaxy.

Moving on to the less genteel side of gaming, my return to fighting games picked up the pace with more “Not Zangief” videos.  This time around, I placed a few new titles into the mix, such as Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Let’s not forget that our retro gaming series “Nostalgic Notions’ is also going string thanks to The Duck and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection!  This month she attempted to take on a number of unusual games from the 90s, including here Comix Zone and Ristar.

And finally, we can’t forget that everyone’s favorite two-dimensional plumber is still having quite the time in Super Paper Mario.  Let’s check in on The Duck’s Let’s Play of this fun and fantastic title!

Thank you once again for riding along with us on another trip through everything that’s going up on UWG’s YouTube channel! You can join us there anytime by subscribing, sharing, liking, and commenting on our videos — all are welcome!

We now return you to our Zelda-ween celebration. (One week left!)

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  1. Tekken Tag 2 looks really great actually. Previously I only knew of it as “that ridiculous game with the hilarious intro, the beach volleyball mode, the panda/bear/kangaroo characters, the Snoop Dogg themed stage and the insane Nintendo-themed costumes”. Now we can add really solid fighter to that list!

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    1. cary says:

      First, how embarrassed am I that I completely missed your comment a month ago! Jeez, that’s just awful of me — fullest apologies.

      Second, I was more than surprised by how well TTT2 both looked and played on the WiiU. I initially thought that it might be terribly goofy…and it kind of is (It IS a Tekken game, after all), but everything about it felt really tight and polished. It’s been a great addition to our poor little Wii U library, and I’m really looking forward to playing/recording more of it

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