The New Ratchet and Clank Movie Trailer: Thoughts From a Duck

Dear Ratchet and Clank fans, you may or may not have heard that a new trailer has recently come out for the Ratchet and Clank movie, scheduled for release April 29, 2016.  While I would have very much liked to be the first to post about this, it looks like Derek beat me to it in his newest Saturday Video Round Up post.  Ah, alas.  I tried.

Nevertheless, I was so excited for this new footage of the movie that I simply needed to write about it.  Thus far, my initial impressions have been very positive.  As we all know, movies made from games tend to be…bad.  (I am not sure what that means for games based off of movies based off of games, however…ahem, and by that, I mean the Ratchet and Clank game scheduled for release on the PS4).  Luckily, this one, on the other hand, looks like it’s going to be one of the few that actually turn out good, probably because it appears like it’s going to stay true to the game series from whence it came.  (And the R&C series already has some of the most entertaining cut scenes I have ever seen, so a movie doesn’t really seem like much of a stretch, when you really think about it.)

Video from Youtube User: Movieclips Trailers

The movie has the same beautiful graphics as the newer games, plus the usual style of humor the series is known for.  As for the plot, keep in mind that it is intended to be a remake of the original game on the PS2, so they have made some changes to the story to keep it fresh.  For example, Dr. Nefarious is appearing in the movie as Chairman Drek’s chief scientist.  Yes, that’s him in the trailer.  As his pre-robot self, which was the biggest surprise that struck me when I first watched it.  (I didn’t recognize him one bit at first, and I only went back for a second look because someone claimed he was in it.)  From what I saw of the comments on Youtube, many people are upset by this change, but I, personally, am quite thrilled.  I mean, we’ve already seen Nefarious as a robot in the three games he has thus far appeared in, so I look forward to finally seeing “squishy” Nefarious in action for once.  (I also think the changes in his character design are a great improvement over his appearance as an organic in the Qwark vs. Nefarious vid comics in Up Your Arsenal.  But, that’s just me.)

And yeah, I know that was a bit of a rant, but that was the part of the trailer that thrilled me most.  Call me biased.  Because I most certainly am.

On the most part, the original cast of voice actors will be returning, though Drek’s voice actor has changed, which I do find a bit disappointing.  I believe he was more menacing in the original game, both in his voice and appearance (why’s he on a Segway…?), but I’m sure that’s something I’ll get over quickly enough.  Honestly, the detail that upset me most was the presence of Tharpods and Fongoids in locations they have no right being.  That just…bothers me.

Anyway, the movie looks like it’s going to be pretty good, but only time will tell.  Nevertheless, I am really excited, and I just wanted to get my thoughts out there while the trailer is still relatively new.  And better yet, I wanted to get your thoughts on the new movie trailer.  Do you think the movie will be successful?  And what are your thoughts on the changes they made from the original game?

The Duck Needs To Star in a Movie One Day…


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I’m thinking it looks promising too. I just hope that, like in the original game, there’s more to Captain Qwark than meets the eye. I always liked that particular turn in the original plot, so it would be fun to see it again here.


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I think I’ve heard that there’s going to be some twist in the plot when it comes to Qwark, but I didn’t read too much into it because I didn’t want spoilers. Hopefully they’ll do it right. Even if they change it a bit so it still surprises people who played the game.

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