Resonance: Isle of Skye

Classic gaming at it's finest
Classic gaming at it’s finest

After Jacob’s Resonance post on the Dark Jungle from Jurassic Park 2 (the game, not the movie, silly people), he got me thinking about songs I have enjoyed from games that aren’t super great, and the first game that sprang to mind was Quest 64.  I believe I had written posts on the game before, as it has a special place in my heart because of how long I’ve owned it and all the memories I’ve gathered while playing through it.  But, if I’m being completely honest here, the game is just…so boring.

Nevertheless, there are two songs I have always loved, enough that I actually created save files in their respective locations just so I could go and hear them whenever I wished.  (That was back before I knew about Youtube.  Though, actually visiting the location in the game is always better than merely finding a video of it online anyway.)  These songs somehow managed to make the endless hours of trekking and leveling up worth it and are probably the best examples of songs that resonate with me that I can possibly think of, and that is why they must be shared with the rest of you.

The first song that deserves mentioning is the theme for the Isle of Skye, a very short level that typically took me weeks to complete because I’d have to level up so dang much to defeat the boss.  I remember the island was mainly comprised of a little cottage and not much else, but it was the music that really made it complete for me.

The song is simple and largely just repeats a few notes on a harp, making the place feel comforting and tranquil, with the notes accompanying the harp reminding me of a music box to further give this place a magic, fairytale feel.  And then, about 45 seconds in, the music grows far more ominous, coming on without warning like a sudden thunderstorm, and you are made to realize that this island is not as safe as you previously thought, that there is something evil lurking about….  Of course, to understand what I mean, you simply must hear it for yourself.

Video from Youtube User: rudreadingiam

And if you’d like to hear the orchestrated version:

Video from Youtube User: AGenuineExperiment

What are your thoughts?  And if you’ve played Quest 64, what is your assessment of this song in the context of the game?

(And at the risk of sounding insane, I wanted to mention one silly, little thing.  In Episode 2 of Star Wars, when Obi-Wan is leaving Kamino, I swear I hear a small bit of this song playing.  I swear it!)

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