The Duck Discusses the Wii, 360, and PS3 Generation: Part 1-Wii Look at the Wii

Image by Flickr User: MrBeng
Image by Flickr User: MrBeng

You all remember how, when this blog first got started, I wrote a series about the pros and cons about the GameCube/XBox/PlayStation2 generation, don’t you?  Well, actually, you may not because that was a while ago.  But, believe me, I did.  And now that I have had a good amount of experience with the last generation of consoles (the Wii, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3, of course), I decided it was time to write a series of posts on what I find good and bad about these three awesome consoles.  To start, the console I’ve had the longest, the Wii.

The Wii was Nintendo’s contribution to this generation, a console they tried to do something different with, to varying degrees of success (and a console with a name I heard quite a few immature jokes made over), and when I first heard about it, I wasn’t terribly impressed.  And the photos of TV’s that had been annihilated by people throwing their controllers into them was a bit of a deterrent, as well, even if many of these people were probably not exercising safe gaming.  The reason behind these pictures was the console’s new motion controls, where people could actually, gasp, swing a controller around to make stuff happen on the screen.  I know that’s old news now, but many people were excited about this new feature in gaming (besides a few past exceptions involving motion in games, like “Duck Hunt”, which is absolutely morbid, if you ask me).  But, I, on the other hand, was not excited by such changes.  Give me the tired, old controller of the previous generation, and I’ll be as happy as a duck that avoided getting shot in “Duck Hunt”.

I did, however, give in and buy this console, as I knew I eventually would.  It wasn’t until “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” came out that I could no longer resists the Wii’s allure, and that was when I finally went out and bought the console (from Amazon, because they were sold out at all stores, and Best Buy’s promise to order more went unfulfilled).  And you know what, I really did enjoy the Wii.  I ended up getting a bunch of games early on for it, including “Metroid Prime 3”, “Super Mario Galaxy”, and “Super Paper Mario”, and I just loved these games and this wonderful console.  After a few years went by, however, I found that the motion controls that had once been so new and exciting, well, weren’t exciting now that they weren’t new.  Eventually, I began to grow tired of these controls, as it just didn’t feel like the game experience I was used to, and so the initial greatness of the Wii faded.  But, it’s still a good console, and now I shall begin listing what I like and dislike about it.  (And keep in mind, the main features I will discuss are strictly gaming-related, with extra info found on Wikipedia.)


  • Many will not agree, but I think the Wii has a lot of good games.  I really do.  But, I’m also a big Nintendo fan, so that might skew my attitude a bit.  It has several “Zelda” games (even though “Twilight Princess” on the Cube is better…), the last of the “Metroid Prime” trilogy, two “Super Mario Galaxy” games, “Okami”, “Super Paper Mario”, and that’s not all.  I managed to find a whole bunch of games for this console that I think really add to my game library.
  • And sometimes, I must admit, the motion controls are pretty fun.  They are.  When they’re done right.  “Super Mario Galaxy” has some interesting uses for the Wiimote.  “Metroid Prime 3” was tons of fun with these controls (now I really feel like Samus, and that makes me feel awesome), and “Okami” lets you draw with the Wiimote.  And “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” uses the Wii motion plus controller, allowing you to have pretty much full control of Link’s sword, something we have never seen before and will likely never see again.  Oh, getting to really control the Master Sword like that…that just…”fills my heart with rainbows”….
  • It’s quiet.  It makes a bit more noise than the GameCube, but it’s still pretty quiet.
  • It’s reliable.  I’ve rarely had any issues with the Wii, and I’ve played it quite a lot.  I’ve rarely heard of problems from other people, either.
  • It’s also little.  The same cannot be said in any way, shape, or form of its competitors.
  • “Skyward Sword”.  Oh, did I already mention that?
  • You can take the discs out while it’s off, which doesn’t happen in most consoles.
  • The Wii is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with GameCube games, which is a great thing when such a feature is so hard to find.  But, notice how I say, “supposed to be”.
  • The Wii also lets you download old games from the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameBoy games, and Sega games at low prices.  That is pretty awesome.  Still haven’t done it yet, but it’s awesome.
  • The Wii’s easy to use.  Not that the others aren’t, but it does have a pretty easy to navigate main screen, unlike the other consoles that have so many…options.
  • And of course, “Skyward…”.  Okay, I won’t do it again.  But, I do love that game.  Yay!

The Either Way’s (Not a Pro or a Con)

  • I guess you can say you have more variety in terms of controls with this console, as some games give you the option of several controller variations, including the typical Wiimote and nunchuck, or the Wiimote by itself, held sideways.  Though, I’m largely still not given the option of playing with normal controllers like with past consoles, so…
  • No achievements or trophies.  Could be good.  Could be bad.  Many don’t like those features anyway.
  • Well, I suppose that possibility of murdering your TV is there with this console’s controller, but if you behave yourself, it really shouldn’t happen.  And other controls are quite toss-able, too, if one was so inclined.


  • The motion controls, as I said, get old after a while.  Really old.  Sometimes I simply miss getting to use controllers with lots of buttons, and then there are times when the controls are just not done well.  Like when shaking the Wiimote in no way relates to the action it is tied to in the game.  Why can’t I just press a button for this action!  How is Sonic’s homing attack any more fun to use by shaking an unresponsive controller when I could have simply pressed a button!
  • All consoles freeze every now and then.  It happens.  But, when it happens, I want to be able to, you know, turn the console off and start over.  But, the Wii has turned out to be the absolute worst console I have ever owned when it comes to turning it off after a freeze.  The XBox 360 will just turn off.  Press the button, and off it goes.  I think my PS3 actually allowed me to restart, so I didn’t even need to turn it off.  But, no, when the Wii froze, it just wouldn’t turn off.  I pressed the button over and over again, and nothing would happen.  I finally found that you must hold the button for several seconds until it turns off.  What is wrong with it, though!  It made me so darn mad!  Just TURN!  OFF!
  • The batteries in the controller last only about a month.  The 360 has batteries that last several months.  Plus, with the Wii, you have to peel off its creepy, plastic…diaper, to change the batteries.  After unplugging the nunchuck.  And then you put the diaper back on and plug the nunchuck back in.  Annoying.
  • You know what else is annoying about the controller?  The stupid speaker in the Wiimote plays some sounds from the game instead of the TV doing it, and the Wiimote’s speaker sometimes gets static or plays no sound at all.  For me, at least.  It did it with one Wiimote that was older, and then I switched to my brand new Wii motion plus controller, and it did it again after a short time.  And so when you’re playing a game, you either get stuck hearing static coming from the stupid controller, or a sound from the game is missing entirely.  Who thought that up?  Why do I need sound from my stupid controller anyway!  Why!
  • The Wii is supposed to be backwards compatible with GameCube games, but only if it will actually read your darn GameCube memory cards.  Because mine won’t.  It plays games just fine, so I suppose if I don’t want to plug the Cube in, and it’s a short game, or I just want to replay the beginning, that’s fine.  Otherwise, no, it’s not fine.  I’ve plugged in all manner of memory cards into this darn thing, and it won’t read any of them.  So don’t worry, GameCube, I won’t be replacing you.  And with the Wii U not playing GameCube games at all, yeah, I’ll never need to replace my GameCube, I guess.
  • The Wii has the least good graphics of the three consoles of this generation.  I don’t care tons because the graphics do look quite nice, much better than the GameCube, and I’m not huge into graphics.  But’s it’s still a con.
  • It’s also the most boring looking of all the consoles.  It really doesn’t matter, but it’s true.  Look at me, I’m basically just a rectangular prism with a corner missing!  Yeah, we’re all so impressed.

Hmm, okay, now that that’s done, it seems the poor Wii’s does have quite a bit of cons.  Despite that, this really is a good console, but it’s more for Nintendo fans and those that are fine with it being, once again, the weakest (in terms of the console’s power) console out of the three.  For Nintendo-lovers like myself, this console gives us new entries into our favorite series, along with many other games I had a blast with.  It doesn’t have the strongest video game library out there, but I still love the Wii.  For me, its greatest fault is the very motion controls that originally helped to make it so appealing, causing me to feel a little bit that I was cheated out of the usual gaming experience that I’m used to.  But, when the games use motion properly or they leave it out entirely, I think the Wii can be a pretty fun console.  At the very least, it’s the most unique one that I have.

A Wii Little Duck


  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Wii was good for Nintendo games, but not a whole lot else. It sold better than any of the last gen consoles, but it didn’t have that shelf staying power like the others did. I probably only ever turned it on to play the odd Nintendo game that came out for it and nothing else. The only 3rd party game I ever bought for it was “Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure” it was a neat puzzle game that used the motion controls in an intuitive way, but it doesn’t didn’t have what it takes to hold a person’s attention.

    What did you like most about Smash Bros Brawl?


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Yeah, that is true, there aren’t a lot of good non-Nintendo games on this console, even if there are some very good Nintendo ones. And any third-party games that are any good are probably on the other consoles, as well.

      I liked several things about Brawl. One, it was even bigger than Melee, so there were tons of great characters to play as. And I loved Subspace Emissary. It was so awesome having an actual story mode in the game, and I just really hope the next game has something like this. If not, I think Brawl will always be the best “SSB” game.


  2. lewispackwood says:

    When my co-blogger Sir Gaulian and I deliberated our list of favourite Wii games, we were surprised at just how many there were ( The Wii certainly had its fair share of classics!

    I’m sad to say that I’ve still yet to play Skyward Sword though – it’s been sat on my shelf for ages now. I’m definitely going to get round to in in 2015!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      There were indeed some good games on the Wii, and Skyward Sword is my top favorite. I’m currently in the middle of replaying it, and I still love it and how accurate those controls are. I hope you’ll get to check it out soon. It’s pretty darn awesome.


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