2014: My Most Anticipated Games!

Photo from Flickr User: Juan Verni
Photo from Flickr User: Juan Verni

So it’s now 2014, and we all know that a new year means new games to look forward to! With the PS4 and Xbox One being launched over Christmas this year will no doubt be packed with new releases, and many of them completely new franchises which excites me a lot.
There are a few games that i’m very excited for so i just thought i’d shed some light on those that i think could be the top of the class in 2014.

The first on my list is Watch Dogs, i can’t begin to tell you how gutted i was when it was announced that it had been delayed until 2014, it stood out a lot as a launch title in particular because of it being brand new, don’t get me wrong, with my Xbox i got Forza, Battlefield & Dead Rising, all good games, but it would have been nice to have something fresh. I really like the concept of Watch Dogs too, to me it looks like if Splinter Cell and GTA had a baby, Watch Dogs would be how it’d look, and that cannot be a bad thing surely? The graphics look sensational too, i remember it being one of the first games that i saw real gameplay of for next gen quite some time ago, and since then i’ve been very excited for it!

Next is probably the most obvious of the lot, Titanfall has got a lot of peoples attention, but when you get the people behind Call Of Duty working together to make an online shooter, not to mention a shooter involving huge robotic machines, that’s always going to be the case. I’m very intrigued about how they’re going to make the game “All online” but with single player elements, i’ve seen lots of footage showing it in action, but i think like any game, playing it yourself can be very different. I went to Eurogamer last year and i didn’t get a chance to play it which i was disappointed with, but it had the largest queue by a mile, i think it was around 4-5 hours for most of the day. I think without doubt if there was such thing as a “Hype-Meter” Titanfall would definitely be top of the leaderboard, let’s just hope it doesn’t disappoint!

The Division is a game, that to be honest, i don’t know too much about, i saw the gameplay video for it around November last year, and i just thought it looked amazing, similarly to Watch Dogs it’s something new and fresh, and i love the way that you can integrate the tablet into the game using Smartglass, the idea of somebody being able to join you online without strictly being on the console baffles me. I’m aklways a big fan of the open world games so i was always going to be interested in the game, but the way they portrayed it as an online RPG that’s also a tactical shooter really excites me, it will be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

Destiny is another game that is high up on many peoples gaming agenda, the Bungie team behind the Xbox blockbuster series Halo have stepped away from Master Chief for a while, and whilst what they are working on does look similar to Halo, that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, this was another game that i missed the chance to play at Eurogamer last year, but from what i saw that day on the big screens it is definitely going to be something that peaks a lot of peoples interests, i actually think from all the games i’ve seen that this has the potential to be 2014s game of the year, but it’s definitely going to face some tough competition for that honour.

I’m positive that outside these 4 games there will be some huge titles, and there is always that one game that seems to come out of nowhere (Or for me at least) and becomes an unexpected hit, an example of this for me is Dead Island, and i’m ashamed to say that even Red Dead Redemption seemed to come out of nowHEre, i was clearly out of the loop at the time, but nevertheless i think Dying Light could be the unexpected hit of the year, it’s a game that seems to combine a Zombie survival with free running, think Dead Island and Mirrors Edge mixed together, and i think that combination could be a winner if they can execute it properly.

So what do you think? What games are you looking forward to this year? Whatever they’re lets hope it’s a year full of great titles for everyone, now all we can do is wait. And wait… Is it time yet?!

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  1. duckofindeed says:

    I actually don’t have many games I’m looking forward to currently. I am looking forward to “FFXIII-3”, and I am also looking forward to “Kingdom Hearts 3”, though it isn’t going to be released anytime soon. Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to seeing what games are released during the upcoming year. There’s sure to be some that will get me excited.


  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I’m right there with you for Watch Dogs and Destiny, I’m beyond psyched for those! Like the Duck, I’m confident FFXIII-3 will be good too. I’m also ready for the new Thief game (I’ve heard so many good things about Thief that I’m excited to jump in!), Infamous: Second Son (Moar Infamous woo!), and Dragon Age: Inquisition (That one’s going to be AWESOME!).


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I may need to check some new series out. I don’t have tons I’m looking forward to currently of series I’m familiar with, but maybe I’ll find some more games to get excited for if I try something new.


  3. nidge91 says:

    I actually think despire the fact that there are a few games i’m looking forward too the one thing i do want to get into this year is PC gaming, but first i need to get myself a PC!!


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