The Duck’s Top Five: Items from the Legend of Zelda Series

Now it’s the Duck’s turn to list my top five items from “The Legend of Zelda” series (in order from least favorite to top favorite).  I grew up with this series, and it is still one of my favorite series of all time, with the puzzles to solve and the dungeons to explore, not to mention the variety of items you can use, from the ordinary, like the Bow and the Slingshot, to the unique, like the Hookshot and the Lens of Truth, to the bizarre, like the Spinner and the Gust Bellows.  When I thought over my top five items for this post (items from “A Link to the Past”, “Ocarina of Time”, “Majora’s Mask”, “Wind Waker”, “Twilight Princess”, and “Skyward Sword” were considered), several sprung immediately to mind, but a few took a bit more thinking before I could narrow it down to which items I liked the most.  But, I finally succeeded (earning myself a Heart Container for my hard work).  Behold, the Duck’s…list!

5. This probably seems like an odd item to be thrilled about, but I have a special affection for the Megaton Hammer of “Ocarina of Time”.  Partly, it’s just fun to pummel things with ridiculously large hammers.  But, for me, there’s also a story involving this hammer that makes it one of my favorite items.  You see, I am not that bright.  No, really, once I tell you this story, you’ll agree.  Because I could not get through the Fire Temple.  I played through this game so many darn times and could never beat it because I couldn’t get through this temple (even though I did find a way to do the Spirit Temple without needing the Hover Boots).  It was all because of the room with the wall of fire, and you’re supposed to jump to this higher area with a door, and I could just not reach it.  I kept jumping from the pillars nearby, thinking the added height would help me, but alas no.  Being unable to go through the door, I was not able to progress through the temple and obtain the Megaton Hammer (and fight Volvagia, who is an awesome dragon).

And then, one day, I got a glimpse of this most elusive of items (for me only, due to my stupidity, as you already know).  I was once at a friend’s house, and we were playing this game on her brother’s Nintendo 64, and he already had in his possession this hammer that I could never procure, so I spent a good amount of time whacking stuff with it until she made me stop.  Pray tell, why do you deny me this chance to use the hammer I could never obtain on my own!  Thy tongue cut-est me deep, foul beast!  And when will this hammer ever be mine, I say, oh when will this day come, cruel world!

Ahem…  Well, things began to look up for me one day, when I finally decided to jump from a spot closer to the ledge with the door, and Link pulled himself right up.  How stupid I was, that I never tried to jump from a closer location until now!  Finally, I was able to continue farther into the treacherous temple, and finally, I was able to get the Megaton Hammer, which will always have a special place in my heart.  When I say my heart is heavy, it is a good thing, because it is filled with…Megaton Hammer.

4. Another item I rather like from the series is the Lens of Truth, which is used in “Ocarina of Time” and “Majora’s Mask” to see basically, well, the truth.  It’s a pretty awesome item, allowing you to see which walls are not real walls, certain ghosts, and invisible enemies and walkways, and it even makes a neat noise when you use it.  My first time using this item was in “Majora’s Mask” (as I played it before “OoT”), and I believe one of its first uses was to follow the ghost of the Goron Darmani, where you eventually end up climbing up an invisible ladder that branches off at many points and even has some very impractical dead ends (which you can, technically, climb without the Lens, but good luck).  Being able to see invisible things was pretty darn cool, and so this item will always be…pretty darn cool.

3. The Dominion Rod is from “Twilight Princess” and lets you control statues, mainly in the Temple of Time.  I always thought this item was pretty cool.  I felt all powerful being able to make these statues move around and even whack things (including being able to attack this temple’s boss), making for some good times and interesting puzzles.  And it has a cool name.

2. The Ocarina/Flute is certainly an awesome item in the series, as it can do so very many things.  It can allow you to teleport, slow or change time, make it rain, call your horsey, and all kinds of other nifty things.  This item actually appeared in my fist three “Zelda” games, “A Link to the Past” (where it was only good for teleporting, I believe), “Ocarina of Time” (as you’d expect), and “Majora’s Mask”, and seeing this item in every single “Zelda” game I owned, I got it in my head that, surely, this was the official instrument of the series.  Imagine my surprise and dismay when I bought “Wind Waker” and only got a silly stick to wave around.  I very much hope to see the Ocarina appear in the series again someday.  “Zelda” games have never felt quite right without it.

1. And now, my favorite item from the series, the Double Clawshots from “Twilight Princess”.  These were just so great!  Originally, the games gave you a Hookshot, which could be used to hit things that were far away, grab small items, damage some enemies, and even get places you couldn’t otherwise go by using it on targets or trees.  All pretty cool.  Then, “Twilight Princess” gave us the Clawshot, which would even hold onto targets, letting you hang from it by a chain and raise yourself up or lower yourself down.  Not a horribly useful new feature, you say?  Well, just wait until you get your second Clawshot, and this is when things get really awesome.  Now Link could latch onto a target with one Clawshot, hang there (adjusting his height as needed), and then latch onto another target with the second Clawshot, allowing him to reach places that would have been impossible with only one Clawshot.  Oh, the fun I had traversing the City in the Sky with these.  The fun I had, indeed.  (And I was quite pleased when they returned in “Skyward Sword”.  Thank you, Nintendo.)

And there you have it, my top five favorite items from this most delightful series.  What items do you like most?

Double Clawducks


  1. Good choices. I think I may agree with number 1. The double clawshots are fantastic. I also really liked the Spinner, the Sand Wand/Rod, the Gust Jar and maybe just the good old Hero’s Bow. So many good items in this series. Tough to choose!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Those Double Clawshots were just too great. Every “Zelda” game must have them from now on. They must. The Spinner was a pretty cool one, too. It almost made it onto my list. I hope it shows up in some more games again someday.

      I’ve never heard of the Sand Wand. What does it do?


      1. The Sand Wand is in Spirit Tracks and the Sand Rod is in A Link Between Worlds. I like the Rod a bit better, but both are cool. They basically make a series of columns of sand come out of the ground. They do some neat things with it.


  2. Hatm0nster says:

    The Double Clawshots almost made my list too! There’s just something about being able to zip from wall to wall that’s exceptionally enjoyable. Good picks!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      I will be very sad if, in any future “Zelda” games, the Double Clawshots do not appear. Nintendo has no choice but to include them in every game now, at least, not if they don’t want a very distraught duck on their hands.


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