Should You Get: Dinner Date


Behold, today I will be presenting you all with another interesting review by Shotgun Butterfly, this time on a rather…bizarre game called “Dinner Date”, including a short summary he has written for the game, as well.

“Given the kinds of game I tend to review, it’s probably obvious I like to try some really non-traditional games- and I’ve enjoyed them! Some of them managed to do some really clever things, create truly memorable experiences. This is not one of those games.

I always hesitate to attach this word to anything, but Dinner Date comes across as pretentious. Some games strive to be “interactive movies,” but if they’re good, they still remember that interactivity, choice, and exploration of some kind are integral parts of any game.

Dinner Date, in contrast, deliberately removes those elements, and that to tell a boring story about an unlikable character in a brief incident in his life.

We can and should debate about what a game should be, and for certain we’ll have disagreements- not everyone shares my love for Dear Esther, for instance. And that’s okay. Everyone is impacted by different things. But whatever games should be or do, Dinner Date is an example of what they should not.”