Dawn of the 2nd Day: Saturday at PAX Prime

IMG_0054What a day, What. a. Day! Today I really got down to business and got some some info to share! For Starters, I had the opportunity to speak with Allen White, the Art Director for Smashmuck Champions! This is a game that’s more than just a new entry into the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, it’s an game determined to keep it fun! I’ll have my full talk with Allen for you all later this week but for now, here’s my initial impressions of the game.

It’s fun. No wait, hear me out. This isn’t a League of Legends clone and it doesn’t feel like work. Smashmuck is a game with it’s own personality that shows through its every aspect. I played as Minos, a stone minotaur with a fiery rage to fuel his abilities! I took part in a “Lootball” match (think CTF) on a very active battle field. These maps aren’t your standard, flat environments you’ve before; indeed, they’re very much alive. The one I was playing had everything from pitfalls, to cannon fire, to deadly traps to watch out for. It was also multi-leveled,allowing me to literally get the jump on opposing team members in order to smash my way through to their flag. It didn’t matter that I had never played a game like this  before, I was able to pick it up and get the hang of it over the course of just one five minute match. It was that intuitive.

It was enjoyable to look at too. Everything was bright, colorful, and had a distinctive style to it that I really hadn’t seen before. No dark and brooding generic fantasy here! Smashmuck Champions is Free to Play (but not setup in a way that you can just pay to win) and availble on their website now! Check it out and stayed tuned for the full interview with Art Director, Allen White!

Next we have Dragon Age: Inquisition, and holy crap am I excited for this game. There’s so much to say about what’s happening in this game that it could have it’s own post (and it will!). So I’ll leave you with the juiciest morsels of info for now.

1.) This is a massive game. You are going to be given entire regions at a time to traverse and explore. The one we were shown was larger than all of DA:O and DAII put together! And you know what? It’s not even the biggest region in the game! 

2.) Your choices matter more than ever before! “Choice” is sort a buzzword in gaming right now, we’re told our choices influence the game but most of what we see is a little difference at the end of the game. But here? You see the result almost immediately, and those around you react. It’s not like the choices are simple black and white either. Every option you’re given has good and bad consequences that follow and it’s your job to decide what’ the best course to take. It’s no longer a simple matter of choosing the top option for good and the bottom for bad.

3.) You’re not just some warrior, you have an organization to run. Everything you do affects the Inquisition as an organization, an it’s up to you to decide how it’s viewed, how you’ll keep it running, how it’s influence will spread, and so on. It’s almost a character unto itself, and one that you and you alone will define.

That’s all for Saturday, check out our Facebook page for additional pictures and check back in tomorrow for Sunday’s highlights and tales from the show-floor!

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